My Budgie Is Not Active

A budgie that is not active can be a cause of concern

There could be many reasons why your budgie is not active

It’s important to know the cause for your budgie to not be playing etc

Before we get into this article I’d like to mention the first thing to do is take your budgie to the avian vet and get him checked up just to make sure there’s nothing medically wrong.

In this article you’re going to learn why your budgie is not active

You’ll discover

  • Why your budgie is not active
  • How to make your budgie active
  • Is your budgie dying? What are the signs?

So if you want to make your budgie active or wondering why they’re not, this article is for you

Sound good?

Let’s get started

Why Is My Budgie Not Active

A budgie is that is not active can be a cause of concern

Usually when you think of budgies or when you see budgies at someones house

They’re always chirping, playing around in their cage and look happy

Now a budgie that is quiet and not doing much – This will ring alarm bells

Here’s what you need to do

You need to ask yourself these questions

Are you forcing your budgie to do things they don’t want to do? 

By doing this can cause your budgie stress because you’re trying to do things you want and not your little budgie

Forcing your budgie will just lead to your birdie to not do anything

What you need to do is give your budgie space and time

Instead of trying to get your budgie out of the cage or try to force him to play with their toys

Sit with your budgie and spend time with him

Talk to him and just be there for him attentively

That will surely help in bringing out an active side of your budgie

Don’t try to pick him up or pet him

Let him be and in his own time he will come out of his shell

Does your budgie have any toys? 

Budgies need toys in their cage

One thing to note is some budgies don’t know how to play with toys

Most budgies love a bell or a swing

What you need to do is show your budgie how to play with his things

How do you do this?

You could take out the toy and make exciting noise in front of him while moving it around etc

Make it look interesting basically

The important thing to remember is – you’re working at your budgies pace and not force him to do things

You can have a read of my article – How many toys does my budgie need in it’s cage?

Also, a large bird cage is very important so your budgie has space to fly about

It also gives you a chance to add a variety of toys in the cage

Get Your Budgie a Friend 

If you’ve done all of the above and yet no result

Your budgie just sits there

Or looks bored

Then I think another budgie would be helpful

Parakeets are very sociable birds so a companion will help your birdie get out of their shell

This also benefits you too because if you’re at work, both budgies have each other to keep them company and entertained

If you do get another budgie then do make sure you quarantine the new bird which means housing the new bird in a separate cage and a separate room for 40 days.

This helps prevent spreading any illness

What you also have to remember is not all budgies are the same as they have different personalities

Some budgies are just quiet and not loud

But it’s important that you do your best to help your birdie to come out of his shell

How Do I Make My Budgie Active?

Making your budgie active is by spending quality time with your birdie

As all the points mentioned above you should try to do

This will hopefully get your budgie to come out of their shell

But look

The main thing is gaining your birds trust – this is the first step in bonding

Bonding is the end result

How do you get your budgies trust?

By being there for him all the time – not forcing your birdie to do anything they don’t want to do

They need space and time

Have a read of my article – How do I bond with my budgie? 

Is My Budgie Dying?

I hate talking about this but it’s important to know this too

A budgie that is not active could mean they are not well

Here I want to mention the signs of a budgie dying so you are aware too

(Hopefully your budgie not being active is NEVER because of this)

But it’s important to understand the signs so at least you can get some help or comfort your budgie during these difficult times

  • Unable to move – A budgie that can’t stay on their perch and is just lying down on their back on the bottom of the cage is a sign your budgie is dying
  • Seizures – trembling and kicking their legs
  • Wheezy and making noisy breathing
  • High temperature
  • Vomiting
  • Poor Balance
  • Infestation

If you notice any of these signs or you have any concern about your budgie the best thing to do is contact your avian vet and get your birdie checked up asap

In the meantime your budgie needs you during these times so you should make your birdie comfortable as possible

Wrapping Up

A budgie that is not active could possibly mean you’re not trying

Or maybe you are trying but you’re trying too hard

There has to be a balance when bonding with your budgie

The first thing you need to do is gain your budgies trust

Maybe your budgie is not playing – Some budgies don’t know how to play with their toys so it’s down to you to show them

Spend quality time with your parakeet and talk to them often

Hang about near them and never force them to do anything

If it’s possible for you financially, another budgie will help your budgie get out of their shell

It’s a matter of patience and persistence

If you’ve tried all this and still your budgie is not active, a visit to the avian vet will help clear things up


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