How To Get An Untamed Budgie Back In It’s Cage

In this article you’re going to learn how you can get your budgie that’s not tamed back in it’s cage

Yes it can be difficult which is why I would strongly advise you to not let your budgie out of their cage if they are not tamed


Because to put them back in their cage can be a mission!

And if you’re struggling right now with this problem, you know exactly what I’m talking about

The good news is, you can still get your parakeet in it’s cage

It’s just going to require effort and patience

So if you are looking to have your little birdie in their cage then you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Untamed Budgie Out It’s Cage – Here’s What You Should Do

Your budgie is flying about in the house

I get it

You wanted your budgie to explore and be free

The thing is, they’re not tamed so now you’ve got a problem

Your birdie does not want to go back to their cage

Not to worry

Here’s some methods you can use to solve this problem

Night Light Trick

What’s the night light trick?

It’s to make your bird feel that their cage is their home

Here’s what you do

When it’s night and it’s time for your birdie to go to sleep

They usually sleep in their cage

Place a night light near your budgies cage

You could place it inside the cage but I think it would be better near the cage

Close all the lights

Your budgie will think it’s time for bed when they see the night light shining

And if they think of their cage as their home (hopefully) they will fly right back in and sit on their favorite perch to get some sleep

And voila!

Your budgie is back in it’s cage

Treat Time!

Budgies love treats!

I mean which pet doesn’t

I love my chocolate too

Budgies love fruits  and this can be given to them as a treat

You know your birdie better than me

So whatever your budgies favorite treat is you can use this as bait

Try to get your budgies attention and show him you’ve got a treat

Make sure he knows that you’ve placed the treat in the cage and he’s seen you do it

Put the treat in the cage and then simply walk away

As soon as your budgie goes to get the treat you can quickly close the door


If your budgie has been out of their cage for a long time

He will eventually get hungry and want food

Make sure there is no food lying around in the house for your budgie to eat

Leave the cage door open and place their food bowl inside the cage

When your birdie gets hungry, he will eventually go into their cage to eat

You can then simply close the door whilst they’re eating away!


Another method you can use to try and get your budgie to stand on the perch

Untamed budgies may not want to stand on a perch so if this is the case then it might not work

But you can still give it a go and see how your bird responds

If your bird is not scared and responds calmly then you could place a treat on the perch to try and lure your budgie to step onto the perch

Then slowly whilst your bird is on the perch move the perch slowly back to their cage

Let your budgie stand on another perch and then close the door

What You Should Do When Your Budgie Is Flying Around The House

If your untamed budgie is just flying about in the house

It’s very important to keep all windows and doors closed

Look for any hazards that might be dangerous to your budgie and remove it

The last thing you want is your birdie to fly out of the window or through the door

Or get hurt in the household

Try to make it as safe as possible for your budgie

Whatever you do, don’t shout at your budgie or get angry

This will just stress your budgie out and get him scared

Try to stay calm and try your best to get your birdie back in their cage using the methods I’ve talked about

Can You Let a Budgie Out Of Their Cage?

Yes of course and it’s something you should do all the time

Budgies need their exercise by flying about everywhere

You see, birds who never leave their cage can develop illnesses such as fatty liver disease and tumors

They can also become overweight

When you do let your budgie out of their cage make sure you’ve taken all the precautionary methods such as closing windows and doors

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Wrapping Up

If your budgie is not getting back in their cage and he’s not tamed it can be difficult to put them back in their

Good news is, it’s not impossible

It requires your patience and calmness

There are different methods you can use to put them back in their cage as mentioned in this article

Try not to stress out too much because they will eventually get in their cage for sure

Luring them in with treats is a good way as they can’t resist saying no to a treat

Place it in their cage and wait for your budgie to eat it and then close the cage

Other methods mentioned in the article are also good ways too

Regardless, you should let your budgie out especially if they are tamed

If they are not, then clipping their wings is an option which is entirely up to you

That way you can let them out of their cage knowing they are safe


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