Are Budgies Too Loud For Apartments

Budgies are known to be full of energy and very talkative

Talkative as in they love to chirp and sing

So for an apartment, the question is

Are budgies too loud for apartments?

This depends entirely upon the budgie themselves

You see, some budgies are quiet and some can be very loud and love to chirp

Not all budgies have the same personality

Another thing to consider, will your neighbors be okay with chirping sounds coming from your apartment?

Especially if you’re thinking about adopting more than one budgie

According to problemparrots they have rated budgie noise level from a scale between 1 – 10 at 3

So when you think of it like that, they are actually not very loud

Problemparrots say budgies are more of the quieter bird species

But then again, some bird parents have said their budgies are very loud!

So it can be very contradicting

It all comes down to what type of personality your budgie may have, how many budgies you’re planning to adopt and what you think is considered too loud

In short –  It depends on what budgie you adopt

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Another thing you need to look at is..

Can You Keep a Budgie In An Apartment?

Are Budgies Too Loud For Apartments

There’s no reason why you can’t keep a budgie in an apartment

What you need to look at is how big is your apartment to keep a bird cage

Because the main thing you’re looking at is a large bird cage to keep your budgies

Do you have enough space to put a large bird cage?

Why do you need a large bird cage?


Your budgie will be spending time in there of course

Especially if you’re at work

And a large bird cage will give your budgie plenty of space to fly about

You have the choice to put plenty of toys in the cage too

Also, if you’re adopting more than one budgie, you definitely need a big bird cage

Another to look at is, how safe would it be to let your budgie fly around in the apartment?

If you’re staying on the 15th floor, you have to make sure all windows are closed 

You don’t want your budgie to fly out of the window!

And you got to keep the doors closed too

The most important factor is – Will your landlord allow budgies in the apartment?

Things To Consider When Adopting a Budgie

Do you have time to look after your parakeet?

That for me is the most important thing

Budgies need love and care which means you need to spend quality time with your budgie

You need to take time out during the day where it’s just you and your budgie

If this does not happen, your budgie will become bored which is not good at all

A bored budgie can lead to health complications because they can get stressed

So that’s the first thing you need to look at

It’s a responsibility of course

As I mentioned earlier, you need space too because a budgie needs a large bird cage

You need to store bird seeds too

Are you okay with cleaning the bird cage often?

Budgies do poop everywhere – that’s a given

Are you ready to clean up bird poop all over the apartment?

Yes all over the apartment because they will be flying about and pooping everywhere and anywhere!

Oh and your budgies will poop on you too!

Do you enjoy quiet times during the day?

Well with a budgie be prepared to have chirping going on for a few hours at least


I’m not trying to get you off from adopting a budgie

I’m just trying to show what to expect

Because if you’re okay with all this then you’re going to love a budgie in your apartment

Trust me, they make lovely pets and a such lovely companions

They will make you happy for sure! Just ask any budgie parent

And the bond you will create with your budgie will beautiful!

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Are Budgies Loud At Night?

The last thing you want is a budgie to disturb not just your sleep but your neighbors in the apartment

The good news is they are not loud at night because they tend to sleep during the night

You just have to make sure they get their sleep at night

How do you do this?

If you can, give them their own bedroom. By keeping them in their own room, they can sleep undisturbed for 10 – 12 hours.

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You should cover their cage too. This makes it dark for them and allows them to sleep without any light

Very ideal if you can’t give them their own bedroom

You can get a bird cage cover from Amazon

Something like this

Colorday Good Night Bird Cage Cover for Large Bird Cage

Don’t worry it’s made from breathable material and is 100% non toxic

You can check it out over on Amazon by clicking here

Did you know some budgies even talk in their sleep! (Like me!)

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Budgies can be too loud for apartments depending on what you think is too loud

But some budgies are quiet too

You see all budgies are not the same

Some may be very loud and some may not even chirp that much

Overall budgies tend to be quieter than other bird species

Do remember, they do chirp for hours!

Overall, they make lovely pets and great companions!

Make sure you’re allowed to keep birds in your apartment

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