Why Does My Budgie Talk To Himself?

Budgies (Parakeet), like many other birds love to chatter.

You may think that they are just making a single sound with their chirping, but if you listen carefully, you will detect several different sounds and your budgie is just showing how fluent he is in ‘Budgie speak’!

Why does my budgie talk to himself?

This a common question and the answer is very simple – budgies are very sociable birds.

In the wild, budgies live in large flocks and spend all their time together feeding, finding mates, building nests and raising their young.

It is actually unusual for budgies to find themselves sitting on their own in a cage so they continue to chatter away to communicate to anyone who will listen!

Budgies love to interact with their owners and it is important that you let them chirp away and don’t try to quieten them.

Budgies respond warmly to your attention and if you get them as a young bird you can teach them to hop onto your hand and to maybe say a few words (male budgies are better at talking than females!)

Why Do Birds Talk To Themselves?

Your budgie talks to himself because they are practicing new words to learn so they can impress you

It’s their way of practicing before it becomes perfect

I guess it’s just in their nature to mumble to themselves when they are alone

Some budgie parents have said their little birdie talks themselves to sleep!

Too cute!

I always recommend getting your budgie a companion


Because budgies talk to each other to communicate and to be sociable.

Two male budgies will happily sit next to each other on their perch putting the world to right all day long!

Male budgies talk to females in a slightly different way because they are out to win her affection.

They are trying hard to impress her with their melodic chirping and even singing!

As well as passing the time of day together, budgies also communicate how they are feeling to each other and to you and this can range from notifying you that they are disappointed you forgot to fill their water bowl to letting you know that something has frightened or agitated them.

Yelling at your budgie to be quiet is not a good idea as they will not understand that this is what you want from them and they will think you are just giving them attention – which they love and need.

How Do You Tell If Your Budgie Is Stressed?

There are a number of tell-tale signs that indicate that your budgie is feeling stressed.

One of the signs is to look at your budgie’s feathers, are there any signs of feather plucking or self-mutilation?

Budgies usually love their food so when they lose their appetite it can be due to stress.

Your budgie’s endless chatter probably fills your home all day long, but have you noticed that your budgie is much quieter?

Do they seem a little aggressive when you put your hand in their cage and have maybe even tried to bite you?

Does your budgie seem a little ‘blue’ and not quite as jolly as usual?

Stress in budgies can be triggered by a number of things.

They are creatures of habit, so have you just moved to a new home or relocated their cage within your current home?

Have you even changed the color of the walls?

Have you just had a new baby or bought another pet? 

Even roadworks or building close to your home can have an impact on your bird’s happiness.

Not all budgies take kindly to sharing their cage with a new budgie either and if things don’t settle down you will have to move them into separate cages and let them just meet up socially outside their cages.

Now that we know the signs of a stress budgie

It gives you an advantage to take action as soon as you notice anything unusual

The main thing is to bond with your budgie 

What Are The Signs Of a Happy Budgie?

The signs of a happy budgie are easy to spot!

Your budgie will be happily chirping all day long and will be delighted when you give them attention and time out of their cage.

You will hear your budgie trying to mimic different sounds they hear too and the excitement in their chirp when you walk in the room or give them a millet spray or some chopped vegetables

The bottom line is that a happy budgie is one that chirps, sings and whistles all the time and can be seen playing in their cage.

When your budgie does these things you know that they are really happy which is very important.

If you don’t think that you will like all this activity throughout the day, it is probably best not to get a budgie and to consider a finch or female canary instead

Wrapping Up

Budgies talking to themselves is normal

They usually do this to practice what they’ve heard and to get better at it

Some budgies even talk to themselves to sleep!

If you only have one budgie, I would advise you, if possible to adopt another budgies

You see, budgies are very sociable birds and they love company

If you’re at work for most part of the day, there’s only so much your little birdie can do

So another budgie would definitely keep each other busy

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