Why Does My Budgie Talk To The Wall?

In this article you’re going to learn why your budgie talks to the wall

You’ll learn why your budgie faces the wall

Is it something to be worried about?

And how you can help your little birdie

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Why Does My Bird Face The Wall?

Why Does My Budgie Talk To The Wall?

Before we talk about why your budgie may be talking to the wall

Let’s look at the possible reason your budgie faces the wall

I mean this shouldn’t be happening right?

They should be facing you or the room – not the wall!

One of the possible reason is

Your budgie is frightened

If your budgie is new then this is normal because it’s a new environment for them so of course they’re going to feel a little intimidated

With time this problem should go away

During these moments you should try to spend as much time with your birdie as possible

You could have a read of my article – How to bond with your budgie for some cute tips!

Another way you look at this as a toddler having their backs turned to you

“If I can’t see you, then you don’t exist!”

With time your budgie will be sitting on your shoulder

Why Your Budgie Is Having a Conversation With The Wall

Your budgie may be bored which is why he’s talking to the wall

The shadow that is formed, your budgie probably thinks it’s another bird and is having conversation

You know what you gotta do right?

Get him a friend!

Budgies love company and another budgie will definitely keep your budgie entertained

Especially if you are not at home due to being at work for most part of the day

Your budgie could end up getting bored

You don’t want a bored budgie because they can become lonely

And a lonely budgie can become depressed

So another budgie will be great company when you’re not there

If you’re not ready for another budgie then I would recommend a large bird cage (if you don’t have one already)

That way you can put plenty of toys to keep your little birdie entertained when you are not there

You should check out my article – How many toys does my budgie need in its bird cage

What Are The Signs Of a Happy Budgie?

I think it’s important as budgie parents to know the signs of a happy budgie

I’m sure you don’t want to have a sad budgie (Especially if you notice this odd behavior of talking to the wall)

So let’s look at the signs of a budgie that’s happy!

  • Chirping – a budgie that is always chirping and singing is a good sign that they’re happy
  • Always on the go – Budgies love to keep themselves busy by flying, playing and chewing. So keep an eye on how active your budgie is. This will give you an indication
  • Nibble Throughout The Day – Budgies love to nibble through the day. They love going to their food bowl to nibble on seeds or treats you may have given or even fruits. A happy and healthy budgie would usually do this
  • Body Language – A budgie that wags their tail, bobs their head and and starts poofing up his feathers when they see you means they’re happy to see you!

Wrapping Up

When your budgie starts to talk to the wall it could mean it’s talking to their own shadow because they’re bored

It would be a good idea to get your birdie a companion as this will keep them busy and entertained

If you can’t do this then you need to provide your budgie with plenty of toys (if you’re at work for most part of the day) which will keep them entertained

You should make time and spend quality time with your budgie to increase the love and bond between the two of you

Honestly, I would recommend adopting another budgie as budgies love company!

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