Do Cockatiels Poop Everywhere?

There are many animal lovers out there who love their cats and dogs.

But you’ll be surprised to know a huge chunk of those people love their birdies just as much.

It will be hard for you to picture, but many pet parents keep multiple pets, everything from cats to dogs to cockatiels.

And, why not?

Cockatiels may be bird species. But, you’ll hear them mimic their parents’ and other humans’ voices to the delight of their parents.

They are an amazingly intelligent species.

And, they love to be petted as much as your fur-babies.

The only downfall to having cockatiels as pets is their inability to hold nature’s call at will.

You see, cockatiels need to poop after every fifteen to twenty minutes.

So, if you are wondering if your cockatiel is the only one to poop around everywhere, know that you are not alone.

There are thousands of adoring cockatiel parents who have similar thoughts about their winged-buddies.

So yes, Cockatiels do poop around everywhere – it’s natural for them to do so

If you are interested on how you could stop your cockatiel pooping everywhere or you’re a new cockatiel parent and would love to know about all this poop business then you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

How To Stop Your Cockatiel From Pooping Everywhere?

It can be hard

Dealing with bird poop everywhere

It gets tiring too!

But here’s the good news

You can stop this


It’s possible to potty train your cockatiel.

And it is pretty much the same as potty training a dog.

You have to be patient and persevere.

You see, every time your bird wants to poop, it will give you apparent signs such as squatting or back-up motions. 

You need to observe your pet keenly, and you will be able to tell when your bird feels the urge to poop.

Then, you take it to where you want it to go poop.

It’s best to keep a handy dustbin close by for that purpose.

It doesn’t work well if your bird has to fly off to some distant location every fifteen minutes or so to relieve itself. 

And, you have to keep taking your bird over the bin every time your bird wants to poop.

If you fail in being persistent, you can forget about potty training your bird.

Moreover, it’s usually advised to use a few words or a phrase as a command for it to poop.

Yes, it may take a while, but cockatiels are extra smart, and they do get the idea of what their pet parents are trying to tell them.

Also, it’s a smart move to give your bird positive encouragement when and if it does poop, wherever it is that you want it to poop.

But, you have to remember never to stress your bird out.

You see, cockatiels become unhealthy in stressful environments, and they also lose a lot of their trust in their parents when they are in difficult situations.

Patience and consistency is the key here 

Have you potty trained your cockatiel?

What method did you use?

Let me know in the comments below!

It might help other bird parents out

Do Cockatiels Poop A Lot?

Yes, they do have to poop at frequent and short intervals.

The average time elapsed between one poop to another for a cockatiel does not exceed more than a quarter of an hour.

But that is the way these birds are built. 

Birds have different digestive systems than other pets.

Hence the need to defecate so often.

But, on average, pooping 30 times is perfectly normal for cockatiels.

Also, these aren’t large-sized birds.

So, you have the advantage that the feces of your bird is going to be tiny in comparison to other pets too.

It may not sound much of a blessing, but then you’ve never had a larger bird.

Larger birds poop less infrequently, but then you have more of a mess to clean up as well.

On the other hand, smaller birds poop even more times than your cockatiel.

How To Deal With Cockatiel Poop?

You can be sure that there will be a lot of times when your birdie will go on your shoulder or even on your hand.

And it is never going to be pleasant when that does happen to you.

But, you should also know that cockatiel poop isn’t foul-smelling or leaves stains.

Hence, the cleaning becomes easier automatically.

And I guess you’ll get used to it too!

The idea is to be prepared for all eventualities.

So, most birdie parents keep things like animal wet wipes handy.

And, if you like to have your pet close to you while it is out of its cage, then you ought to keep some old bed sheets or worn-out towels at hand.

Covering your couch with an old bed sheet will be enough to save your furniture from bird poop. 

I will save you from the extra clean up too.

Many parents even wear old clothes such as t-shirts to cover their day-to-day wear from getting dirty.

Some people even attempt to potty-train their cockatiels as I mentioned earlier in the article 

Wrapping Up 

Yes cockatiels do poop everywhere

It’s normal for them to do so

The good thing is, it’s very tiny and doesn’t smell as much so it’s easier to clean up

Honestly, you’ll get used to all this pooping and cleaning up

It’ll become second nature to you

Or you could try and potty train your cockatiel and see if that helps

Overall they are lovely birds who will enrich your life, irrespective of the added responsibility of caring for it.



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