Can Cockatiels Be Left Alone?

Cockatiels aren’t just beautiful and intelligent creatures.

They are pretty funny as well.

And if that isn’t enough for you, then you should also know that cockatiels make for very affectionate pets that love to be petted.

But, for many first-time parents or animal lovers, the novelty of having a pet wears off way too quickly.

So, you’ll find many pet parents that will care for their birds for the first two weeks or so.

And after that, they just can’t or don’t find the time to spend with their beloved pets.

So, if you’re wondering if you can leave your cockatiel alone for a long duration, then wonder no more.

Sorry but you have no right to adopt any pet and then abandon it.

Yes, you may think that you are doing the creature some form of favor by feeding it, keeping it clean, and providing it with a safe environment.

But you couldn’t be more wrong.

You see, your cockatiel deserves far more than just upkeep.

It deserves your love and care. 

So the answer to Can cockatiels be left alone is

No they shouldn’t

It’s not right

Yes, if you’re at work then that’s a different story

You can invest in a large bird cage and provide plenty of toys to keep your birdie entertained

Or maybe give your cockatiel a companion

But to leave them alone and not interact with them – that’s not right at all

So in this article you’re going to discover the following

  • How many days you can leave a bird alone
  • Is it okay to just have one cockatiel?
  • Can a cockatiel die from loneliness
  • Can cockatiels suffer from separation anxiety

Lots to cover

So if you’re interested in why cockatiels need our love and attention or maybe you know someone who doesn’t quite understand the importance of this then you’re going to love this article!

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How Many Days Can You Leave A Bird Alone?

You can’t leave your bird alone for any number of days.

That’s equal to solitary confinement for them.

If you’ve recently adopted a bird, then it will take time to get comfortable with you.

In such circumstances, pet parents are suggested to spend time in the same room, staying away from the cage.

And then you gradually increase your presence close to the cage.

But, once your birdie knows you, has befriended you, and started to trust you, there can be no reason other than some severe medical conditions that can keep you away from your bird.

If you do have a genuine reason to be away from the bird, you are recommended to have a caretaker come over and look after it.

Or hand the bird over to a friend or family member that the pet knows.

So that your pet will not feel your absence too much.

Like most other pets, Cockatiels bond with their pet parents, and when they do not see their pet parents around, they feel estranged.

And, the feeling of abandonment is felt most keenly, even by an animal.

That’s the last thing and bird parent would want

Is It OK To Have Just One Cockatiel?

Yes, most first-time parents should start with the adoption of one bird.

You see, parenting a pet is a huge responsibility, and it will require you to give much of your time and attention.

Hence, it makes sense to adopt one pet to give yourself and your pet the time to adjust to each other’s company and create a relationship built on trust and love. 

There are animal lovers who feel that your cockatiel would not do too well without a companion.

But that is hardly true as there are plenty of pet parents who will vouch that they started with only one bird initially and then adopted more later.

Maybe down the road you can adopt another cockatiel to give your birdie some company

If you do adopt another cockatiel then you may be interested in this article

How big should a cage be for 2 cockatiels? 

Can A Cockatiel Die From Loneliness?

Yes, a bird may well die if it has no one to take care of it.

Apart from the upkeep, pets need love and kindness too.

So, it is likely that your bird will die if it has no companions and you are too busy to spare it any time.

If you do not have the time to love and nurture your pet, it is best not to adopt.

And if you’ve already adopted, then you should start looking for another loving home for it. 

But, if you give your bird all of the time, love, and affection it deserves, it is rare for a bird to die simply because it has no companion.

You see, cockatiels are friendly, social creatures.

So they love to keep company, chat, and sing around.

On the other hand, if you feel that your birdie isn’t doing too well on its own, you should first head to an avian vet.

Make sure that your bird is not suffering from some ailment or infection.

But everything seems fine medically, and your otherwise chirpy buddy has gone quiet, then do consider bringing in another friend to bring a tune to its lips again.

Another thing you could do is to invest in a large bird cage if you haven’t already done so

A large bird cage will allow you to add different toys to keep your cockatiel entertained

It also gives your cockatiel room to fly about and more freedom for when you are not there

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Another option you can do is build your own

If you’re a DIY person this would be a really good idea

You could build the bird cage however big you’d like

It could possibly work out cheaper

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Can Cockatiels Have Separation Anxiety?

Yes, separation anxiety can be felt by your cockatiel too 

Your bird may not go around chewing your favorite pair of shoes, but it may lose its appetite.

Some birds even lose their feathers, become aggressive, resort to self-mutilation, and show signs of fear.

If a bird is experiencing extreme separation anxiety, you may even witness a change in its vocalization.

If you notice this, first take your bird to your avian vet to make sure it’s nothing medical related

If your bird is healthy then you have to work on your cockatiel and spend some quality time and shower your birdie with lots of love!

Wrapping Up 

Every being, human or animal, deserves to be loved.

And if you do not have the time or the constitution to nurture another being with love, you ought to stay away from adopting pets.

However, for those pet parents who find themselves in some serious problem, please ensure that you consider the well-being of your pets. 

If you are unable to care for it, then hand them over to someone familiar with the pet and take over the responsibility with a smile on their face.

And, if you are all alone, even then, you will find many places that can accommodate pets for some time, such as pet hotels and pet board houses.

But I’m sure you wouldn’t want to give your cockatiel away

It’s important to spend lots of quality time with your cockatiel

Give your birdie lots of attention and build that special bond!

Your cockatiel will love this and they sure will be happy

And a happy bird is a healthy bird


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