Can Male Cockatiels Lay Eggs?

Birds of many different species have gained much popularity over the years and are fast approaching among the top-rankers as favorite house pets.

But you have to admit that birds behave uniquely.

Hence, it is often that first-time birdie parents, be it of a budgie or a cockatiel, find themselves in a dilemma trying to comprehend their beloved pet’s bizarre behavior.

Now, you may find it incredible to discover that cockatiels indulge in same-sex mating when it comes to mating and nesting behavior.

Therefore, you will find that your two males’ cockatiels are going through all of the motions of nesting too.

But, if you believe that the happy couple will soon host a brood of 5-6 younglings, then you are sadly mistaken.

Yes, cockatiels will bond with another cockatiel of the same sex.

But the only positive result from such a union can be companionship.

So in short the answer to Can Male Cockatiels Lay Eggs is..

Male cockatiels can never lay eggs.

What Do You Do When Your Cockatiel Lays An Egg?

Now, pet parents need to understand that successful breeding between a male and female cockatiel will occur only when you have a compatible pair.

In short, that must mean that both birds ought to be of the same genus.

So you’ll need a female cockatiel and a male cockatiel.

Then the requirement is for them to bond.

Usually, cockatiels raised and living in the same cage do bond.

Then you will have fertilized eggs that have a probability of hatching.

You may get eggs from female cockatiel birds all the time, even when there is no male counterpart nearby.

But, for the eggs to hatch, the eggs must be fertilized before the eggs are laid. 

In such circumstances, you should allow your female cockatiel to let them have their egg-sitting session until they get bored.

Otherwise, you may land up with another batch of unfertilized eggs which can be pretty unhealthy for your cockatiels.

And when you have, by some stroke of epic genius, managed to get a male and female cockatiel to bond and mate, then it is time for you to help your birds through the nesting phase.

So, the very first thing you will need is a nesting box that can be store-bought or a DIY project.

You will also need to provide the soon-to-be-parents bedding options.

Wood chips, wood shavings, and straw are all excellent choices for your birdies.

But, if your bird does not accept any of the bedding, you’ll have to make sure that the nest flooring has a pit at the bottom of the flooring. 

Another element to keep in mind is that nest boxes take up quite a bit of room inside a cage.

Hence, you can go for an external enclosure that can be attached to the cage.

You will be able to keep an eye on the eggs and keep plenty of room in the cage.

But please give the young family plenty of space and try not to invade their privacy too often.

It’ll only be a healthier environment for your birds.

You might want to get something like this

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Can A Male Bird Lay An Egg?

can male cockatiels lay egg

You have to understand that a female cockatiel has an entire reproductive system that allows it to lay eggs.

A female will be able to lay eggs without any mating.

But, there can be no younglings when there is no fertilization.

This is where your heroic young male cockatiel comes into the picture.

Your female needs to bond and mate with the male before laying eggs to fertilize them.

There isn’t a chance on earth for your female cockatiel to have a family without the assistance of the male cockatiel.

Similarly, your male cockatiel may have fun with other males, get serious, and even get hitched.

But, the two may even go through all of the nesting phases.

But, there will be no eggs.

Wrapping Up

Male cockatiels can never lay eggs

Only the female cockatiels can lay eggs

There isn’t a doubt in the world that parenting is not easy.

But it can be very fulfilling as well as rewarding too.

When your cockatiel makes you laugh, mimicking funny noises, and will allow you to stroke it, all of the troubles that you may have had to go through for its care and upkeep will be well worth the effort. 

The one thought that you need to keep in mind when caring for birds is that these are delicate creatures that need constant attention and love.

And that if you are a first-time parent, you should be in touch with the local avian vet to ensure that your bird is getting the best of everything that it well deserves.

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