Are Budgies Loud & Noisy?

There is no doubt about it!

If you are wanting a quiet home life, do not invest in budgies!

If however you want plenty of happy chirping, singing and chatter, then what better than a couple of budgies?

Are they loud? The answer is definitely ‘yes’ as they are sociable little birds, but it is a lovely background noise that is definitely preferable to a silent house and not nearly as loud as many other bird species!

They are very cute animals and become such lovely companions so don’t let noise put you off

Are Budgies loud?

By most people’s definition, budgies are not loud most of the time!

There will be moments of excitement for example when they see you and this will usually mean that their chirping increases in volume by a notch or two!

Budgies spend much of their day chattering – especially the males – and you will find that they will try to mimic any music they hear too.

Okay so during the day they are loud and chirping

Question is – what about night?

Let’s find out..

Are Budgies Loud At Night?

The good news is that these friendly little birds need 10-12 hours sleep a night and when the room is quiet and dark they will sleep and you will not hear any noise from them.

If there is a sudden noise or light, this will wake them and the chattering will start again!

Many budgie owners cover the cage with a thick breathable cloth that will not let the light penetrate or else they place the cage in a separate room.

In the wild, budgies wake with the dawn and sleep at dusk so it is best to replicate this pattern in your home otherwise your budgie can suffer from a lack of sleep.

Try and give your budgie 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness.

Budgies never fight sleep so the moment the cage/ room is darkened you will hear your budgie settling down. 

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Do Budgies Like Loud Noises?

Budgies actually do not like loud noises – especially at night and get startled.

When this happens, they may well make a loud distressing sound.

If you are in bed when this happens and didn’t hear a sound, listen to your guard dog budgie because they will only be making a noise because they are frightened. 

Are Two Budgies Noisy?

Two budgies will certainly be noisy, but they will not be too loud.

Budgies are really sociable and will chatter away to each other for hours and will also make a variety of other noises which tell the world how they are feeling!

Male budgies are more vocal than females and love to show off and chatter non stop to impress a female budgie!

Occasionally they will make a louder noise but this will often be when you are around to get your attention.

Budgies recognize their owner and are keen to spend some time with them so will trying calling them to see if there is the chance to spend some time out of their cage and maybe enjoy some special edible treats such as some fruit or vegetables – or better still, a spray of millet!   

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Are Female Budgies Less Noisy Than Male Budgies?

Some people are of the opinion that male budgies are more chattier and noisier than female budgies

But this is not true


Because all budgies have different personalities

Some budgies may not be as loud as another

It doesn’t depend on their gender

Whereas some other budgies are just quiet

There’s nothing wrong with them but it’s just in their personality

But do remember this

Budgies that are healthy and happy will always be chirping and singing

They will be loud

So a loud budgie is a good sign that your bird is happy

A silent budgie may be a sign that it is sick or depressed or even lonely

Yes, when you bring a new budgie home, it’s going to be quiet because they’re shy at first

They’re in a new environment so they need time to adapt to their new home

But once they are comfortable, they’ll be chirping and singing all day

If they don’t then you might need to a pay a visit to the vets as a quiet budgie is a sign that something is wrong

Are Budgies Louder Than Cockatiels

Budgies are actually quieter than cockatiels

Again, this depends on their personality

Because budgies are small and smaller than cockatiels, they are quieter

Both birds however are very intelligent

In a nutshell

Cockatiels are louder than budgies, but budgies are more chattier than cockatiels

Wrapping Up

If you are thinking about buying a budgie then do know they can be loud

They love to chirp and chatter away

But this is good because it makes your house lively

They’re not loud all the time so don’t let this put you off

People love budgies which is why they keep them

And you know what else?

They don’t just have one budgie they have 2 or 3 so imagine the chirping that goes on!

It just shows you how much people love budgies

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How to take care of a budgie?

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