Do Budgies Talk To Each Other?

Wondering if budgies (Parakeets) talk to each other?


Budgies definitely communicate with other budgies and also their owners.

They express themselves using a wide variety of body movements including tail wagging which means the budgie is as pleased to see you as any dog, tail fanning which tells the world that the budgie is unhappy about something and might get aggressive and head shaking which is the budgie’s way of saying ‘hey! I’m excited!’

As well as all of these physical gestures, they make plenty of noise,

In this article you’re going to learn the following..

  • How do budgies communicate?
  • Will your budgies talk if you have two?
  • What do budgies say to each other?
  • Can budgies learn to say words?
  • Do budgies prefer to be in pairs?

So we got lots to cover about your cute budgies!

If you’re interested in learning about how your little cute birdie communicates then you’re going to love this article

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Budgies love to chirp right?

I’m sure you must hear your budgies chirping away

But are they singing or talking

Let’s look at first how budgies communicate

How Do Budgies Communicate?

Talking to other budgies is just one way that budgies communicate.

Budgies are very sociable birds and actually use their bodies, parts of their bodies and various noises to convey a range of emotions to other budgies and their owners.

As well as using its voice, a budgie will also use a variety of sounds produced by its beak and these include grinding its beak when it is feeling relaxed and content and beak clicking which is an action taken when the budgie is trying to protect something like her egg.

Will Budgies Talk If You Have Two?

Budgies are very companionable birds and although they will live on their own, they much prefer to live with at least one other budgie so that they have a pal to talk with!

If you hear your birds talking to each other, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are putting the world to right!

Budgies just love to communicate their thoughts, how they are feeling and talk about their surroundings! 

Sometimes they will chatter away quietly and melodically and other times very loudly in an excited manner!

Of course, like in the wild, budgies will talk to each other if they sense danger or want to attract the other bird’s attention.

Budgies who enjoy talking are happy and content budgies.

Budgies are really showmen and have a wide range of noises that they use to each other.

They become very good at singing as mating time approaches, but some budgies sing when they are happy and other in tune to the radio!

When your budgie is feeling super content and happy, he/she may well make a little purring sound – not like a cat! 

If they are getting fed up with their cage mate, you might hear your budgie making a funny little growling noise which in budgie speak means ‘back off sunbeam and leave me alone’.

They are wonderful animals right

What Do Budgies Say To Each Other?

Budgies just love to communicate so they will do about a whole range of subjects.

Young budgies tell their parents they are cold or hungry and budgies tell each other if they feel threatened.

If you have budgies of different sexes and they are imitating each other’s call, this is a sign of love between them and the more often they call to each other, the deeper their love.

Can Budgies Learn To Say Words?

Budgies are smart birds, and it is possible to teach them to say a few words or some little tricks.

The main thing is that your budgie needs to feel relaxed and not under pressure.

Both male and female budgies can learn to say a few words.

The best age to start teaching your budgie is 3-4 months and the perfect word to start with is their name.

There are plenty of websites giving you tips on how to teach your budgie to talk, but the key one is to have plenty of patience and rewards for progress.

Do Budgies Prefer To Be In Pairs?

Budgies love to have a companion and a single budgie can get lonely.

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A pair of budgies is much more fun as they will be great companions to each other and will keep each other entertained and will play together.

If you choose to have a pair of budgies with one of each sex you can have the fun of rearing baby budgies.

Budgies mate for life and will lay a clutch of 4-6 eggs which hatch about 20 days later. 

If you prefer, you can have budgies of the same sex.

Males are probably the best choice as two females can get territorial – it is not unusual two hear two males singing to each other! 

Having budgies is great fun and brings lots of pleasure.

Budgies have plenty of character and will amuse you for hours with their antics.

Whilst they are viewed as low-maintenance pets, because they are very sociable, they will thrive on interaction with you and will appreciate time spent with you every day.

You will be rewarded with plenty of happy singing and the knowledge that budgies often live more than ten years.

But do remember, you have to spend some quality time with your budgie

Otherwise they can get bored!

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Wrapping It Up

Budgies talk to each other which is why it’s important to give your little birdie a companion

They love company and are very sociable animals

Your budgie will also talk to you too

The more you time you spend with your parakeet the bond will become very beautiful

Your birdie will definitely be happy

A happy budgie means a healthy budgie!



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