Why Does My Budgie Land on My Head? 

All birds like high places, and so the top of your head is quite an attractive spot.

One theory suggests that a bird landing on your head is trying to show his dominance over you.

However, when a budgie lands on your head it’s almost always out of compassion and love for you.

So, if you are wondering:

Why Does My Bird Want To Be On My Head?

It’s because he likes being around you and perceives you as part of “His flock”.

And since your hair resembles pinfeathers, therefore, he wants to groom your hair.


Cause you are not just any human, but his ‘favorite Hooman’ on this entire planet. 

Though, some breeders suggest that by landing on your head your bird wants to show his dominance and power over you like some alpha wolf.

But I reject this theory because birds and dogs are not the same. Besides birds live in flocks and not packs, so they have completely different social dynamics. 

So, for a budgie landing on your head means expressing love to you. 

Also, they may chew or surf your hair. But, if you don’t like them on your head, you can always train them to perch on your hand or shoulder.


Why Does My Bird Fly to Me?

Again, it’s an expression of love. 

It also means your bird trusts you and does not see you as a threat.

For a pet bird, flying is a commodity. You are the safest and the most familiar place for him to be at. The bird sees you as a friend, as part of the flock, and perhaps even as a potential mate.

Sounds odd, but it’s true.

A bird can fall in love with his breeder to the extent of losing interest in other birds. 

But if you have a single budgie, maybe your bird is bored and lonely. And so, flying to you is the only way for him to have social contact. 

I recommend you keep at least two birds a time so they may keep each other company. That aside, bring new toys to keep your birds stimulated enough.

In any case, I have rarely heard a bird breeder complaining about his bird flying to him. It’s more like a joyful experience for both the bird and his breeder.

Now, you may be thinking:

How Do You Train a Bird to Come to You? 

It’s quite simple but you need to have a lot of patience. You can train your bird by following these four simple steps:

Step #1: Build Trust 

Would you run towards a stranger yelling at you to come? 

Neither would a bird. That’s why you need to gain his trust before you can train your bird to come to you. This means:

  1. Talking softly 
  2. Using the same names and commands
  3. Positive feedbacks such as giving treats
  4. Never punishing or yelling

Step #2: Familiarize the Bird with Your Hands

Now, for the first week extend your hand near the cage allowing your bird to see it. Once, he becomes used to seeing your hands then feed him treats through your hands.

Whenever he responds, say something nice like “Good Boy”.

Now shape your hands like a perch, using your index or middle finger.  Say “Come” whenever he sits on your hand and say “step down” whenever he goes away.

This will train him to sit on your fingers on command.

Step #3: Lure in the Bird to Come

Once your bird has become familiar with your hands, it’s time to make him walk towards you. The most effective method is the “Lure-In method” using a treat as a bait. For this:

  1. Take a treat in your hand and command “Come Boy” when he walks to the treat in your hand.
  2. After few days, hide the treat slightly in your hand and repeat the “Come Boy” command.
  3. Once he gets accustomed to this, hide the treat and give the command “Come Boy”. When he comes to you make sure to give him a treat.

Step #4: Increase the Distance to Lure-In

Once your bird starts responding to your command “Come Boy”, then increase the distance between you and him. Ideally, he should hop onto you.

After training him to hop, further increase the distance gradually, say 2-inches a day. 

Each time don’t show him the treat, command him to come, and give him the treat whenever he comes to you.

You can also add a “good boy” along with the treat.

That’s it. Congratulations! you have successfully trained your bird.

You can also train your bird to fly down by making him fly through stairs to you.

It may come in handy if he ever gets too high for you to reach him. 


When a budgie sits on your head, it is highly likely that he adores you and sees you as part of his family.

Also, if he flies to you then he wants to be with you.

But if he doesn’t, you can always train him to come to you by gently luring him with treats.

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