Why Is My Budgie Kicking My Other Budgie?

Budgies are very sociable birds who really enjoy having another budgie in their cage.

You will rarely see or hear any disagreement between the two birds, but you might suddenly get a shock and ask, why is my budgie kicking my other budgie? 

In almost all cases, what you have witnessed is a minor disagreement between the two birds – probably over a toy or food.

Minutes later you will find that all is well again as the two are preening each other or feeding each other or playing together. 

In this article you’re going to discover the reason your budgies may be fighting

You’ll also learn

  • How you can tell if your budgies are fighting or playing
  • How to tell if your budgie like each other
  • And can budgies kill each other?

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Why Is My Budgie Attacking My Other Budgie?

The budgie who is being hostile is probably female.

Two male budgies in a cage will rarely fight and don’t need personal space, but female budgies do and they can be territorial.

Female budgies regard their cage like they would a nest so are quick to see off any trespassers – be they male or female.

If you find that this is the problem, there are several solutions including dividing the cage temporarily in half.

Here are some are tips you can follow to tame your female budgie 

  • Let your little birdie become familiar with their new home
  • Interact with your budgie. Of course start off slowly by speaking to her in a very soft tone
  • Try to offer food to her directly from your hand
  • Don’t ever try to forcefully grab your bird. This will just makes matters worse!
  • Try and encourage to get your bird to perch on your hands. You could do this by placing your finger on their chest
  • Don’t feel bad if your budgie bites your hand sometimes
  • Take her out of the cage sometimes. This will make her trust you more. Do make sure the windows and doors are closed!
  • Show your bird around the house. This is a good way of making your budgie feel like they are part of the home

How Do You Tell If Budgies Are Fighting Or Playing?

Budgies are rarely aggressive, but they can get aggressive for a variety of reasons.

One of the main ones is jealousy of the attention you are paying their mate, so do ensure that you treat both equally.

  If one budgie is being aggressive, watch out for the tell-tale signs.

If they keep raising their wings high, this is a sign of aggression and so is biting the other birds feet.

If you suspect that the birds are not getting along, you will be able to detect signs that the bird who is being picked on is becoming unhappy.

Their feathers can become puffed up and they could start head bobbing and feather plucking and appear irritable. 

Unhappy birds often lose their appetite and there may be a change in their droppings.

If this is the case, it may be best to separate the two and just let them socialize together outside the cage.

If you have recently introduced the second bird, you must remember that there is only a 50/50 chance that your first bird will like the new addition.  

It will take time for both of them to get used to each other

How Do You Know If Budgies Like Each Other?

Watch out for signs of affection between your two birds as this will prove they like each other. 

A great sign of affection is the pair sitting together on a perch and touching beaks – its like a budgie kiss!

They will also regurgitate their food and feed it to their pal.

Budgies who are pals love to preen each other and especially faces and beaks.

If the budgie who is being preened is sitting with their eyes closed, you can be sure they are enjoying the experience!

Can Budgies Kill Each Other?

It is extremely rare for two adult budgies to kill each other -except if one senses the other is unwell.

After the death of their companion, a budgie does go through a period of mourning that can last up to two weeks.

Adult males very occasionally kill their young out of jealousy, but either adult is likely to kill one of their babies if they sense it is unwell. 

If you have a single budgie, your budgie will not be lonely if you give him time and attention.

The reason you will want to get another budgie is purely for you.

Two budgies can be very successfully introduced to each other but it must be done slowly and in certain stages with both of them in separate cages to begin with.

This is not something to hurry as it is important that the two budgies get to know each other.

Patience is a virtue and if you slowly but surely establish the two budgies in the same cage you will be rewarded endless chatter!

Wrapping It Up

Your budgie may be kicking the other budgie simply because of territory especially if it’s a female budgie

If you notice both budgies are not getting along well with each other it’s best separate them for a little while and slowly introduce them to each other

If both are male budgies you shouldn’t have a problem

Budgies are very sociable animals and they love a companion!

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