Why Does My Budgie Want To Escape?

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Budgies are amazing birds and make wonderful pets.

They are sturdy birds that can provide their parents with affection.

However, budgies take time to acclimatize to a new environment.

And, if you will give your care and attention, you’ll soon find your budgie has become a treasured part of your family.

It’s little wonder that these adorable feathered creatures are the third most popular pets across the world.

Yet, the most crucial time to form an attachment with your winged buddy is in the beginning.

Your bird will require your time and patience to make it feel at home.

Another element that plays an essential role in helping your birdie trust you is giving it the space it needs to become comfortable with your presence.

So, if you’re wondering why your bird is trying to escape, then you need not worry.

There may be ample reasons why your bird may feel restless inside its cage.

Let’s try to understand why your budgie may want to escape.

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Why Does My Budgie Try To Escape?

Why Does My Budgie Want To Escape?

Most new parakeet guardians find that their birds do not easily adjust to their cages.

But, there is no real need for you to become worried.

You see, a new environment can be stressful for anyone.

I mean, me myself, I can get stressed in a new environment

And, considering that you are dealing with tiny animals accustomed to flying about freely, you have to give your bird the time to settle into their new homes.

The good news is

There are many things you can do to help your bird along the way.

To help, you have to first comprehend why your bird is behaving in a certain way.

In most cases, there are some common reasons why your budgie cannot relax and adapt to their new surroundings.

Let’s first look at the possible reasons why your budgie may want to escape

Possible Reasons Why Your Budgie Wants To Escape

You must realize that your budgie will try to escape.

It’s a bird, and it’s going to want the freedom to be out in the open.

Just because your birdie wants to escape doesn’t necessarily translate into your bird not liking you or its new atmosphere. 

So, it’s needless to worry about your feathered baby’s escapades.

All you have to do is be consistent with the time you give your bird.

Some possibilities might make your bird uncommonly restless.

Here are some particular circumstances that might be the cause of your bird’s uneasiness.

Getting Used To New Spaces

If you’ve recently adopted a parakeet, whether it’s a baby or an adult, it will take time to get used to you and its new home.

For new pets, their immediate home is their cage.

The majority of parakeets prefer to stay inside their cages until they feel safe enough around you to explore their surroundings. 

So, it would be best if you placed your parakeet’s cage in a safe spot where there isn’t too much disturbance where it may constantly feel threatened.

And, if you find that your bird is jumping at every sound, then perhaps you could make it more comfortable by changing the place where its cage is placed.

Another thing you could is place the cage outside when it is nice and hot – during summer

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There are plenty of times when parakeets parents don’t realize that even bringing in a new pet or changing your bird’s placement may cause it to be anxious.

If your budgie wasn’t raised around other pets, it would feel threatened by another animal coming close to its cage. 

It may even be something as small as a new puppy, but that is still a threat for the little buddy.

Hence, your bird may attempt to escape every time it feels in danger.

The easiest way to help your bird is to spend more of your time with your bird to reassure it.

And, only allow the new addition to your family to come into your budgie’s room for a short time.

Slowly and steadily, your bird will become used to having another animal around it when it stops to see it as a danger.

Spend as much time with your budgie as you can

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Seeking Companionship

Often budgies try to escape not because they are trying to get away from you.

It may be that your bird is seeking companionship.

Parakeets are flock birds.

Hence, they do enjoy the constant company of other birds.

And, they even feel more comfortable in the presence of other birds.

It isn’t that your bird does not appreciate your love and care. 

But, you can’t deny that for them, being with other birds is a natural phenomenon.

Hence, they do seek to be around creatures of their kind.

Needless to say, you can help them, thereby bringing in a friend.

Budgies are very sociable animals and they can get bored quickly if they are not entertained

Can Budgies Survive If They Escape?

In the unfortunate circumstance that your budgie does manage to give you the slip, you can quickly enlist help from friends and family to help you look for your bird.

And, there are even animal help agencies that will help you search for your birdie. 

But, if you think that your bird will die with you in a day or two, then you are mistaken.

There isn’t a doubt that your bird may find itself under a lot of stress being exposed to a new environment once again, but budgies are quite resilient birds.

Not only do most escaped budgies survive in the outdoors, but many also manage to find flocks of parrots.

In one particular case, an escaped budgie was found hanging around a flock of sparrows and doing pretty well independently.

What Happens When Budgies Escape?

As mentioned earlier, budgies do find a new environment stressful.

But, your budgie does not lose its instinct even if it has been a domestic bird its entire life.

Thus, Many escaped birds are found by guardians exploring a tree or fountain in nearby neighborhoods. 

You see, budgies aren’t the kind of bird that flies over very long distances.

If your bird is used to your home and manages to fly away, it will not fly away like it has escaped prison.

Most escaped budgies, the bird, was usually found closer to home than expected for at least two or more days.

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Budgies are birds and its very nature dictates that it should fly free.

But, it falls on you to make your bird feel at home.

Being vigilant is a necessary part of parenthood, whether pet or human.

However, in the unlikely event that your bird manages to escape, you need to stop being worried sick.

The wisest thing to do is keep your head on your shoulder and try searching for your bird.

And, the more organized you are in your search, the greater the chance you’ll have of finding it. 

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