Why Does My Budgie Poop On Me?

In many cultures worldwide, people consider being pooped on by birds as a sign of good luck.

It sounds very hard to believe.

Yet, you will come across a version of the myth where a bird pooping on you will mean that the higher forces are trying to connect with you.

However, no one likes to be pooped on, do they?

Even if it is your favorite budgie that nuked on you.

Budgies make fantastic pets.

It’s a well-known fact that budgies are the third most preferred pet across the globe.

Unlike dogs and cats, budgies have a slight problem that many animal lovers find rather unsanitary.

And, budgies are not known to respond well to training, let alone potty training.

You see, budgies poop every 10-15 minutes.

Hence, your budgie baby, especially one younger than a year, will quite literally poop on everything.

So, if you are worried about why your budgie poops on you, worry no more.

Budgies poop so frequently that they poop on everything and anyone that comes within the range of fire when nature calls.

Many rumors relating to budgies aiming poop on someone or something can be true.

But, it can only hold any significance once the budgie is older. 

In this article we’ll discuss the following

  • Why your budgie is pooping on you
  • Is budgie poop toxic?
  • Do they actually poop when they’re flying?

So if you’re curious and interested to know about your little birdie and their pooping habits then carry on reading!

Sound good?

Let’s get started.

Why Is Your Budgie Pooping On You?

In the wild, many nesting budgies do not leave their eggs all through the night, indicating that they do not do their business until dawn.

Also, many birds are known to poop only around their edges of their territory, clearly showing learned behavior.

So, it is that many animal behavior experts claim that budgies too can be potty trained. 

But, the process of training birds cannot start too early.

According to many avian vets, budgies need training after 12 months.

And, if you do start too early or stress out your bird, then the consequences are often adverse for your bird’s psyche. 

Budgies at an early age poop so often that you will invariably be pooped on whether you like it or not.

Sometimes, bird enthusiasts love engaging with their birds so much that they tend to keep them physically close, which can also be the reason your bird may poop on you.

However, parents of older feather-babies vow that they do find that their birds may sometimes poop more on one person more than on others.

Yes, it can certainly be true that your bird may poop on you because you may not be its favored human.

Or simply because you spend more time with the birds than any other person.

Hence, you get more exposure to your budgie’s bowel movements.

So next time you let your budgie sit on your shoulder, do expect bird poop! But hey, they’re so cute when they’re sitting on your shoulder so I’m sure you wouldn’t mind a little bit of budgie poop eh!

I know what you’re thinking

I don’t mind budgie poop, but is it toxic? Will cause ill affect to my health?

Let’s find out

Is Budgie Poop Toxic?

Your budgie poop is never toxic, not unless you’ve dipped your budgie into a vat of toxic waste.

Budgies do not retain much of anything they consume.

And, an adult budgie poops anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.

Furthermore, your budgie’s diet should be 75% pellet formula for budgies, and the rest should only be wholesome treats like fruits and vegetables.

Considering all of these elements, it should be evident that your bird will only excrete whatever it consumes.

Even with an unhealthy diet, your budgie will only poop slightly thicker or more watery poop.

There may be some variation in the color of your bird’s poop if your bird is suffering from some medical condition.

But, nothing will make your budgie’s poop go toxic. 

The only condition that there may be toxicity elements in your bird’s feces is when your bird might have eaten something toxic.

And, though budgies have sturdy constitutions, they aren’t strong enough to digest something harmful.

In such circumstances, most birds do not survive.

Do Budgies Poop While Flying?

Most pet parents find clipping their bird’s wing as cruel.

Hence, your bird will fly every time you allow your bird outside the cage.

Many renowned avian vets argue that it is not in your bird’s best interest to let it fly around the house as that may result in an accident. 

But, if you are keeping a budgie with its wings unclipped, and letting your beloved pet out, then it will fly around.

And, if it’s flying around the entire house, it will poop while flying.

Budgies do not go on bathroom breaks. 

Also, younger budgies are so curious and poop so repeatedly, it would take them too much time to stop for a dump every time they felt the urge to go.

Therefore, many seasoned budgie guardians claim that you can keep paper towels handy to clean up budgie droppings.

And, as budgie poop does not stain and dries up as well as cleans up easily, you can put up with the inconvenience until your feathered friend is old enough to be taught to take a dump in specific places.

Here’s a poop cleaner you can use to clean up budgie poop

It will come in handy to have it stored at home because your budgie will poop as mentioned in this article

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Wrapping It Up

When it comes to poop, the ‘yuck’ factor exists in all cases, animals or humans.

And, bird dropping is no exception.

But, if you consider that your budgie literally has to go every 15 minutes, most pet parents start to feel sympathetic.

The wisest thing to deal with the issue of poop is to leave it alone till it dries.

Or, till your winged baby is old enough to be taught some manners.

I’m sure you don’t mind your little birdie pooping because I mean, they’re too cute!

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