How Far Can A Budgie Fly?

Budgies are native birds of Australia.

But, these tiny birds have become very popular pets across the globe.

Some of their popularity is attributed to their adorable looks.

Yet, many budgie parents claim that they love their budgies as their birdies are tons of fun. 

You see, budgies have wonderful personalities, and they are brilliant when it comes to mimicking humans voices and sounds.

So, if you have a clever bird on your hands, and most of them are, you’ll usually find yourself enthralled by your budgie’s sense of timing, humor, and bonding.

But, you have to be on the lookout as these tricky little birds love to explore their surroundings.

And, their sense of adventure can land them in trouble as given the chances they will fly out of any tiny hole to explore the outdoors.

Also, budgies can fly as far as 25 kilometers per day without any breaks.

So, that can mean that if you aren’t careful around your budgester, it’ll give you the slip. 

How Far Can A Budgie Travel?

In general, budgies do not travel alone.

They are flock birds that often travel in very large flocks if the weather conditions are right.

Even in harsher weather, budgies still travel in a flock, smaller ones but never alone.

On average, budgies travel at 25 – 30 miles per hour, too, at their top speed. 

Furthermore, a study conducted using budgies revealed that budgies have two flying speeds.

One is a slow speed used for maneuvering busy areas, and the other is their fast speed which they shift into only when they encounter clear skies.

Budgies change from one speed to the other almost instantly instead of gradually gaining or losing momentum. 

The experiment clearly showed that the ability to shift from high to slow speed works as a defense mechanism whereby the bird can prevent collision into things and escape predators.

So, on average, your bird can easily cover a 1 km radius if it flies non-stop in any direction.

Budgies can travel as far as 25 km in a go.

But, most budgies do not do that out of sheer curiosity, disorientation, or anxiety.

Fortunately, domesticated birds, especially budgies, do not fly away like they’re broken free from jail.

In most escaped budgie cases, the birds were found closer to home exploring a nearby tree or rooftop. 

Question is, can your budgie find it’s way home if it got lost?

Let’s find out..

Can A Budgie Find Its Way Home?

As mentioned earlier, budgies in the wild travel extensive grounds.

They travel in a flock and even mate during travel.

And, they are attuned to the harsh elements of their environment, so they thrive.

But, your beloved budgie, which has been raised and fed by you, is not used to the great outdoors. 

If your feather-baby has never been allowed to leave the house and manages to escape, then your tiny buddy is going to be very anxious.

The unfamiliar surroundings, the newness to cope with the weather, and the inability to forage for food are all sufficient reasons for disorientation and stress for your budgie. 

In most escaped budgie cases, birds do not return home on their own accord.

Most budgie parents like to keep their winged friends indoors to protect them from excessive sunlight, predators, or even extreme weather conditions.

And, as your budgie has never known the outside world, its first time out on its own is not an entirely pleasant experience.

Can Budgies Survive If They Escape?

Budgies are unbelievably sturdy birds.

And their coping mechanism is astounding.

Hence, there have been several cases where budgies escaped and were found weeks or even months later doing just fine on their own. 

In one particular case in Canada, an escaped budgie was found hanging around with a flock of sparrows during the cold weather.

The budgie managed to survive and find friends who were happy to share their feeding spots with their peculiar friend. 

So, in the unfortunate event that you lose your bird, the safest bet is to enlist the help of friends and local authorities to help you locate your bird.

But, do not lose your mind thinking that your bird may die as budgies have tiny bodies but giant spirits. 


Budgies are creatures of habit.

And, they do love their safe spots.

So, in all likelihood, it’s rare to lose one’s bird quite so quickly.

But, it does pay off to be on the side of caution.

Always keep the house’s windows and doors shut when your bird is allowed out of its cage for some wing stretching or exercising. 

Keeping all escape routes closed is especially important if you do not clip your bird’s wings.

In any event, when you allow your bird out of its cage and its wings are not clipped, then it isn’t a good idea to have the bird fly around the house as that can mean disaster for your bird. 

And, in case your budgie does get the chance to take off, then you ought to use your voice and some of its favorite treats, toys, and cage to lure around the vicinity of your home before you go farther out looking for it.

Also, it helps to always be ready for all eventualities; hence, reading up on what to do if you lose your bird will always prove helpful.




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