How Big Should A Cage Be For 2 Budgies?

Bringing home a tiny budgie and then trying to cater to all its needs and wants requires practice.

You see, adopting a pet is much like nurturing for a child.

They don’t come with instruction manuals.

Hence, bonding and maturing become a process of trial and error.

The upside to adopting a budgie is that these are genuinely spectacular pets with outstanding personalities. 

And, as soon as your budgie bonds with you, you won’t find caring for your winged friend a cumbersome chore.

Now, budgies do take their time to adapt to their new environment.

But, there are plenty of things that you can do to help it feel more comfortable in its new home.

The primary detail to make your budgie feel more at home is the size of its cage.

For one budgie, the recommended cage size is 18″ wide, 18″ deep, and 24″ high.

And, if you’re looking to accommodate two birds, then it’s best to double that.

But, the general rule to apply when it comes to the size of your budgie’s cage is that the bigger the cage, the happier your birdie will be.

I know what you’re thinking

A large bird cage will cost a lot of money and it’s true – it is an investment

But this investment is for your budgie and their happiness

Before we get into more detail

You have two options with bird cages

You can buy one (Check out my article best large cage for budgies)

Or if you’re a DIY person and would love to build a bird cage from scratch then have a look at this guide (teaches you step by step on how to build one)

Anyways, back to the article..

Let’s get into more detail!

Carry on reading..

What Is The Best Size Cage For A Budgie?

Budgies get most of their exercise from flying, and they need their exercise as they love to indulge themselves when it comes to food and yummy treats.

These are also very playful birds that love to jump from one perch to the other.

So, it becomes evident that the cage size for budgies cannot be too small. 

Hence, most avian vets recommend a standard size of 18 inches in length and breadth and 24 inches in height.

Any cage size smaller than that is not acceptable accommodation for your feathered friend.

You see, budgies need to have their space to chill around, maneuver, and feel comfortable.

And, if the cage is too small, then there’s a high probability that your feather-baby will feel confined.

It is vital that your bird doesn’t feel constricted, which will negatively impact your birdie’s level of harmony with its environment.

It will also keep your bird on edge and not allow it to become acquainted with your presence.

In short, the more cage space your parakeet has, the more likely it is that it will settle into its digs sooner.

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Can You Have Two Budgies In A Cage?

Budgies are flock birds. Hence, it is safe to say that budgies are very social.

And, yes, a lot of budgie parents do recommend that you keep more than one budgie in a cage, and your new pet will adjust much sooner to its new environment. 

The flip side of bringing in two or more budgies together is that they become social more among themselves rather than getting attached to their humans.

So, if you want to have a close tie with your parakeet, try bringing in one budgie at a time. 

However, if you feel that your budgie isn’t settling in, then the surest and fastest way to make your feathered friend relax is to bring in a companion for it.

Yet, if you have a cage that’s supposed to be for a single bird and then try to adjust the living space to make room for two, you’ll have two unhappy birds on your hand.

Can A Budgie Cage Be Too Big?

When you think of big cages for your budgies, you can go as big as you possibly like.

There have been cages built for budgies large enough to cover the whole area of an average backyard.

But, the one detail that is crucial when it comes to cage size is the bar spacing.

Larger cages are usually made for bigger birds.

Hence, the bar spacing, which is the distance between each bar, is more.

You cannot have a bar spacing of more than ½ to 5/8 inches (1.27 to 1.58 cm).

If the bar spacing is even a tad bit more, then you could find your bird’s head trapped between the bars in an attempt to escape.

Also, if you plan to have a larger cage for your bird, you still have to consider ways to make it more comfortable for your bird.

Hence, if the cage is indoors, then you’ll have to figure out ways to keep the cage covered during your bird’s sleeping hours.

And, if the cage is outside, you’ll have to add enough shrubbery inside the enclosure to provide ample spaces for your birds to take cover during nighttime.

Not to mention, you have to add plenty of perches inside the cage to keep your birds entertained.

And, you will have to figure out ways to keep such a large-sized clean at all times.

Best Budgie Cage I Would Recommend?

There are plenty of pretty awesome budgie cages out there!

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Always remember when buying a budgie cage, the bigger the better

Your budgie needs space to move about and fly about – yes, they may not be in their cage all day but when they are, they definitely space!

You see, Adopting a pet is certainly not for those who have very little time to spare, and it’s not for those either who do not do well with responsibility.

But, if you are a new bird parent and keen to learn, then bringing home a beautiful budgie may be the thing for you.

Budgies have sturdy constitutions, they provide hours of laughter and joy, and they don’t cost much money.

But, they do require your care, attention, and love.

Getting yourself acquainted with their needs and wants will undoubtedly take time.

But, once you do get the hang of the details for nurturing your budgie, you’ll realize that you’ve gained an endearing companion whom you love and one that loves you back too.

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