Can Budgies Eat Raspberries?

Budgies are, no doubt, beautiful pets.

And, though these birds are quite sturdy.

You have to be careful about their dietary needs.

You see, budgies are tiny creatures, and one small slight from your side concerning their diet can result in a monumental fail.

When it comes to their primary source of nutrients and energy that your budgie needs, it’s best to stick with pellets formulated for budgies, yet, there are plenty of things that you can add to their list of treats and snacks that your budgie can consume without fear of any ill-effects.

Question is – Can budgies eat raspberries?

can budgies eat raspberries

The answer is…

Yes, your budgie can eat raspberries. 

When it comes to most kinds of berries, everything from strawberry, blueberries, and blackberries, your budgie can and will love to eat.

So, let’s delve into the minutest details about raspberries to discover the many benefits associated with them. 

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

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The first thing we want to talk about and I’m sure you’d want to know is

Are raspberries good for budgies?

Are Raspberries Good For Budgies?

Including fruits and vegetables can give your bird a boost of energy it needs.

Not to mention, most budgies love to hog on raspberries.

The sweet and juicy fruit holds many nutrients that give your budgie a healthy and happier life. 

Raspberries are full of antioxidants and vitamins.

Raspberries contain antioxidants polyphenols called ellagitannins which help reduce oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress generally means cell and tissue damage in a body.

And, it can occur through many causes such as exposure to radiation, obesity, and diets high in sugar and processed foods.

And, yes, some birds can get oxidative stress, particularly domesticated birds.

Raspberries are known as a superfood.

And, the number of antioxidants jammed packed into a tiny raspberry is astounding.

Not to mention, raspberries have ample vitamins too that are excellent for their plumage, skin, and vision.

Let’s now find out how you can feed your little birdie some raspberries

How To Feed Your Budgie Raspberries?

To begin with, when you cook or bake any fresh fruit, you end up losing most of the vital nutrients.

So, you have to feed your budgies fresh and raw raspberries.

Only you need to make sure that you’ve rinsed it enough to be rid of any toxins from pesticides.

Moreover, when you feed your budgies with fresh fruits and vegetables, you cannot make it a massive portion to be given as a meal.

Raspberries should serve as a treat, not a meal. It may be a superfood.

But, it can hurt your bird if you don’t practice caution.

Furthermore, chop up the raspberries into tiny bits, and feed your budgie only a spoonful, once or twice a week.

Can Birds Eat Raspberries?

Many birds stick to eating insects and seeds primarily.

But, more than a dozen birds eat all kinds of berries, everything from strawberries to raspberries.

And, yes, birds can eat raspberries as it’s a superfood that has multiple advantages. 

There are more birds that not only eat berries straight off the branches, but they also take great relish in finishing off anything that’s fallen on the ground too.

So, don’t you worry about birds eating berries from your garden. 

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Wrapping It Up 

So can you give your budgie raspberries?

You can and it’s healthy for them

But give them in small quantity and don’t let it replace their diet

Having a budgie in your life means tons of joy and laughter.

It is a responsibility to take great care that your bird lives a healthy and long life.

When it comes to the budgie’s diet, you have to stick with the pellets for budgies.

Include some fruits and vegetables into its dietary regime to make it fun and nutritious for your budgie.

Always ask your avian vet for advice before you add any new types of food to your budgies diet

What Fruits Can Budgies Not Eat?

Although, birds tend to eat most fruits.

Yet, few food items make it to the toxic list and should be avoided at all costs when it comes to feeding your feathered friend.

So, here goes.


It’s unbelievable to comprehend that a superfood such as avocado can be toxic for birds. But, avocados are entirely dangerous for birds. Avocado trees and their fruit contain the chemical persin. When birds consume persin, birds have trouble breathing, leaving them unable to perch and extreme weakness. 

Pitted Or Stoned Fruit

Fruits such as cherries, peaches, plums, apricots, and dates are all fruits with stones. And, though, the fruit is very wholesome for budgies. But you have to make sure that you remove the pits first when you do feed your budgie. 

Citrus Fruit

Citrus fruits are the only kind of fruits that are a definite no-no for your birds. It’s not toxic for your bird. Yet, citrus fruits are acidic. Hence, your budgie isn’t going to die from the toxicity. But, it will give your budgie severe abdominal pain. And, nobody wants that for their lovely budgies.


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