Why Does My Parrot Go to the Bottom of His Cage?

Has your bird got you scratching your head as you try to figure out what it is doing? 

I panicked the first time my parrot sat at the bottom of her cage as I wasn’t able to see her!

I thought that she has escaped the cage and was looking for her everywhere in the house. 

Only to find her sitting at the bottom of the cage. 

I’m sure you must have gone through something similar as you’re looking for the answer to the question, “Why does my parrot go to the bottom of his cage?”. 

Most people agree that parrots do so to keep themselves warm as they try to gain heat in that position.

But, there are other reasons as well.

We’ll go over all of them in this blog post. 

Let’s fly right in. 

Why Is My Bird On The Bottom Of The Cage?

If your birdie likes to sit at the bottom of the cage there is nothing to worry about

They do this for a number of reasons

Curious to know why they do this?

Here are some reasons why your parrot is on the bottom of the cage: 

Trying to Gain Heat 

This is the most common reason why parrots go to the bottom of the cage.

Since the cage is an open space, the bottom of it retains more heat.

So, on a cold day, your parrot will try to warm itself up by going there. 

It’s Young 

Young birds tend to get startled and try to find security at the bottom of their cage.

This was why my parrot was hiding under there as I was going mad and trying to look for her! 

They Like It!

Some parrots just like going to the bottom of their cage and prefer sitting there. 


Well, that’s something we will never be able to find out.

All of the parrots we interviewed declined to comment! Lol! Just kidding

But yes, no need to worry

Before you panic always check the bottom of the cage!

Why Does My Parrot Sleep On The Bottom Of The Cage?

In most cases, only young birds sleep at the bottom of the cage since they haven’t learned about perching at that stage.

However, as they grow older, they will prefer perching. 

That being said, it could also be a reason to worry. 

Is This Something To Be Worried About? 

However, you should call your vet if your older bird has been sleeping at the bottom of the cage–especially if it has been showing other signs of illness like a lack of appetite, unseasonal molting, etc.  

Is Your Bird a Female? 

If your bird has been sexed and is female, an increased appetite coupled with sleeping on the floor means that its body may be getting ready to lay eggs. 

Dietary Issues 

This behavior could be a sign of dietary issues.

Try feeding your bird a balanced diet and see if the behavior changes. 

Wrapping It Up 

Did you find this blog post helpful? 

Parrots go to the bottom of their cage for the following reasons: 

  • To gain heat. 
  • Because they’re young and feel intimidated. 
  • They enjoy it! 

If, however, your bird has been showing signs of illness or other symptoms, you should call the vet to make sure everything is okay.

In most cases, this behavior isn’t something you need to be concerned about. 

Does your parrot like chilling at the bottom of the cage? 

I’d love to know – Let me know in the comments below

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