What Do Budgies Need In Their Cage?

In this article we’re going to talk about what do budgies need in their cage

The answer to this is very simple

Your budgie needs toys!

That’s it.


They need more than just toys (Of course!)

Budgies need a food bowl, water, perches and toys too

This is all essential for your budgie

Let’s go into more detail

Carry on reading..

What Does a Budgie Need In It’s Cage?

Your budgie needs a variety of things as I mentioned early

Food Bowl 

A food bowl is important because this is where they will eat of course

If your budgie spends most of their time in their cage they will need to eat

Make sure the food bowl is always clean and you have fresh food available for your birdie

The food bowl that clips to the side of the cage is ideal because it allows your pet to feed away from the ground as this is where they feel most safe and comfortable

Water Container 

When providing water for your budgie it’s best NOT to provide it in a empty food bowl as this does not usually end well

Reason why is because budgies are messy birds

Bird seeds scattered everywhere, feathers all over the place

A open water bowl can become dirty very quickly

The best thing to do is get a water feeder

Something like this

JW Pet Company Clean Water Silo Waterer Bird Accessory, Tall 

It fits with any bird cage

There’s no chance of the water becoming soiled

You can check it out over on Amazon by clicking here 


Budgies love to fly about, explore their environment in different angles

They love hopping from one perch to another

Your budgie will also use the perch to go sleep

Most bird cages already have in built perches

If your birdcage does not have one then you should definitely consider buying

If the bird cage already has perches then why not add another (If it’s a large cage)


Toys is a must – Your bird needs toys for sure

This will keep them entertained especially if you’re not at home for most of the day due to work

Budgies need entertainment. I mean we all do right

I’m sure you don’t want your budgie to become bored because it can be dangerous!

You should already have a large bird cage because this gives you a chance to add a variety of toys

Make sure to rotate the toys so your budgie doesn’t become bored with the same toys

Have a read of my article – How many toys does a budgie need in it’s cage?

Wrapping It Up

Budgies need a cage and they need certain things in their cage

The main things they need are as follows

  • Food bowl
  • Water
  • Perches
  • Toys

These are pretty much the essentials your budgie needs

Another point I’d like to mention is the size of the cage

The bigger the cage the better

Something like this would be ideal

You can get this from amazon by clicking here 

You don’t want to get a small bird cage because this limits you from adding anything inside it especially toys!

Budgies also love company so you will end up buying more budgies

A large budgie cage allows your budgie to fly about and move around too

Although they may not spend the whole day there but when you’re not at home then they will be in the cage right

So tell me, what do you have in your budgie’s cage?

Have I missed anything out?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Is It Cruel To Keep a Budgie In a Cage? 

I personally don’t think it’s cruel

I mean you can’t let them fly about everywhere and anywhere

What if you’re not at home and you don’t have a bird cage – What would you do?

A bird cage keeps your budgie safe too

Make sure it’s a large cage so your budgie has some freedom to move about

The main purpose of a bird cage is not to contain your budgie – It’s to keep them safe at times during the day

Your budgie will probably be flying about all over the house!

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