Why Does My Parrot Run Away From Me?

Has your parrot been running away from you? 

I remember when I first got my parrot, Meethi, she used to run away from my hands.

It took me a lot of time to win over her trust.

Now, she runs towards me whenever she sees me after a long span of time! 

So there’s always light at the end of the tunnel

It’s not the end of the world if your parrot is running away from you

New parrot parents have several questions when they first get their bird–especially when it is behaving in an odd manner.

Parrots running away from their owners is relatively common, and a lot of parrot parents experience it. 

So, why does my parrot run away from me? 

The most common reason why a parrot runs away from you is that it is scared of you.

However, there are still individual differences. 

In this blog post, we will go over everything you need to know about why your parrot runs away from you

We’ll also talk about

  • Why your parrot may be afraid of you
  • What you should if your parrot is scared of you
  • How to get your bird to trust you

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

The first thing we need to look at why your parrot may be afraid of you

Once we know this then we can work out how you could get your bird to trust you

Why Is My Parrot Afraid of Me?

Let’s go over a few reasons why your parrot is afraid of you.

Your Parrot is Stressed and Not in a Good Mood 

Parrots are great at reading the room and are sensitive to your emotions.

If you are in a negative state, your parrot will pick up on that and try to run away from you. 

Maybe parrots don’t like bad vibes! 

There’s Been a Change of Environment

Moving homes can be stressful for a parrot.

It takes them some time to adjust to the new environment and feel comfortable.

They may not feel safe in the new space they’re in. 

Your Parrot Isn’t Getting the Companionship it Needs

Parrots are very social in nature and have a need for companionship.

When these needs are not met, your pet will react by running away from you. 

Socialization is important for your pet–they don’t do well when you leave them home alone for hours on end.

Offer your pet some much-needed companionship and love to gain their trust so that they can be warm towards you. 

Your Parrot Doesn’t Trust You (Yet) 

Do you have a new parrot? 

Parrots take some time to open up with you and trust you. Some take a few days, while others may end up taking weeks!

You need to be warm and patient with your new pet before they can trust you. 

It Isn’t Getting the Space it Needs

Your parrot’s cage may be too small!

If the cage is near a noisy or high-traffic area, your bird may not be getting all the rest it needs, affecting its mood.

What Do You Do If Your Parrot is Scared of You?

It is natural for a bird to be scared of you–especially when it doesn’t know you. 

Wouldn’t you be scared if a large creature decided to take you home and keep you as its pet? I know I would! 

Jokes aside, this isn’t something that should alarm you. 

Parrots have many natural predators in the wild, and their self-preserving instincts kick in when they’re near a new person.

Fear is one of the reasons why parrots aren’t extinct! 

How To Get Your Bird To Trust You 

The best thing you can do is to take things slow and slowly introduce yourself to your parrot. Here are a few things that can help: 

  • Start by hanging out in the same room as your parrot, but try to stay three feet apart from your new feathered friend. Your parrot may be uneasy in the beginning but will soon start to be comfortable with having you around. 
  • When your parrot starts feeling comfortable with you being in the same room, start to get closer to it–one foot at a time. Make sure your parrot is comfortable before reducing the distance. 
  • Keep repeating this until your parrot doesn’t run away or flap its feathers when you’re around. 

Of course, you will still have to feed your parrot while getting it used to you.

Try to be quick when you’re putting food and water in the cage and leave as soon as it is done. 

Don’t try to touch your parrot or force it to be close to you.

That will only hurt the progress you’ve already made!

Trust the process, and you’ll be rewarded by having a loving pet. 

Another thing you should do is keep your parrot entertained

Make sure there are plenty of toys in their cage

Have a read of my article – How to keep parrots entertained

Wrapping It Up 

Did you get the answer to your question? 

The best way to deal with a parrot who’s running away from you is to treat it as you would treat a scared child.

You need to be patient with your bird and build trust with it so that you can have a healthy bond in the longer run. 

Trying to chase a scared parrot or forcing it to socialize with you or your friends isn’t the best idea. 

Respect your parrot’s space, and it let come to you.

The progress may be slow and may seem like it is taking forever, but it will be worth it!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments! We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. 

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