Do Budgies Poop Everywhere?

Yes, budgies do poop everywhere.

There is no way to put a more agreeable or cleaner angle to the answer.

But, these flock-oriented birds don’t poop everywhere to show you that they’re in a bad mood or suffering.

They aren’t throwing a tantrum or acting sassy.

That’s just a budgie being a budgie.

That doesn’t mean that these are filthy birds that love to create a mess.

So, you may wonder why they behave the way they do, wonder no more.

Stick with us to gain some insight into budgie bowel movements and a solution to not having a bird poop all over your couch.

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Do Budgies Poop A Lot?

Well, they need to go after every 12-15 minutes, so some would say that that’s a lot of shit.

But, budgies are minuscule creatures.

When you bring their size into consideration, you’ll realize that though they poop frequently, they’re not creating a massive pile of filth.

Moreover, feeding your bird a nutritious and balanced diet goes a long way in making a happy bird with fewer digestive problems.

Also, budgies aren’t smelly birds.

Most budgie parents claim that their birds love to bathe.

And, if they aren’t bathing, they are preening.

Preening is self-grooming for budgies where they’ll get oil from their preen glands and clean up their feathers with it to be bug-free and dirt-free.

The point of the information is that though budgies poop quite often, they don’t poop a lot.

So, if you keep a couple of tissues or floor pads handy, you’ll save your furniture from budgie poop.

Does Budgie Poop Stain?

Nope, budgie poop does not stain even a tiny bit.

And, that’s where bird lovers thank their lucky stars.

Ordinarily, healthy budgie feces is soft and dense, so you can use a paper towel to clean it right away.

And, if you allow it to dry, then you can vacuum it.

But, if you are feeding your bird trash or your birds are under stress, then it’ll be pooping green or black.

In short, only in abnormal circumstances does budgie poop stain.

But it’s not the kind of thing that’ll cost you a ton to clean up.

Just a teaspoon full of liquid washing detergent is enough to make the area spick and span.

Does Budgie Poop Smell?

You have to understand that you’re talking about a little creature that craps like a couple of drops.

Now, if you think that it won’t stink at all, then you’re going to be wrong, especially if you are feeding your bird junk.

But it isn’t something that’ll stink up the room either.

So, unless you’re into taking real close sniffs at your bird’s dropping, you’re good to go.

And, if you clean up after your feathered friend at regular intervals, then your house will hardly ever smell.

The only time budgie excretion stinks is when your bird isn’t doing too well.

When or if the bird is stressed or dehydrated, your house is going to stink to high heaven.

Also, when budgies don’t feel well, they stop preening and avoid baths.

Such dire circumstances require you to man up and clean up your budgie’s bum to wipe away the poop-related debris or smells.

Can Budgies Poop While Flying?

Some birds can sleep while flying. Seagulls aim their poop at humans they don’t like.

So, your budgie can most certainly poop while flying.

If you don’t have a clipped bird, then it’ll be flying around doing its business everywhere, and anywhere it pleases.

However, it isn’t aiming at a shit-shower to revolt.

As mentioned earlier, budgies have more nature’s calls than it is possible for you to conceive.

So, they go about doing what they’re doing while taking a dump.

How To Stop Your Budgie Pooping Everywhere?

So, many believe that you can’t potty train a bird.

But, you can.

With enough perseverance, determination, and lots of love, you can get your bird to nuke it out in its cage.

You see, every time budgies want to go, they do have a ‘tell’ of fluffing their feathers for just a few seconds before they let go.

And, if you take your bird to its cage every time it makes that particular move, over a period, your bird will learn to head in that direction when it feels the urge to poop.

It takes a while to master the act. But it’s doable.

Also, most clipped birds can’t fly around, messing things up.

They like to hang out with their parents.

So, cleaning up with potty training does become more manageable.

When there’s talk of potty training, please do not assume that your budgie will learn to wipe its ass.

No, you’ll always find yourself filling up that position every time.

But, your budgie can learn to poop only inside the cage.

And, that is enough to keep your abode from appearing like a litter box.


Budgies are lovely pets that bring joy into the lives of their guardians.

But, they require care and attention like all living beings.

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to care for another creature, avoid adopting budgies.

However, if you crave the companionship of a truly loyal being, one that can keep you entertained for hours on end, then consider bringing a budgie home.

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