Are Budgies Cuddly

In this article we’re going to look at are budgies cuddly

Can they be a cuddle bug

Are budgies affectionate?

And how you can make your budgie an affectionate birdie

Lots to cover!

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Do Budgies Like To Cuddle?

Each budgie is different

Some may love to cuddle and others may not

But that doesn’t mean they don’t love you

It’s just in their personality

Similar to humans, we all have different personalities

There’s a difference when it comes to cuddling with budgies

They’re not like cats or dogs who will snuggle up with you

Their way of being a cuddle bug is by sitting on your shoulder, chest or finger

That’s their way of cuddling!

I mean there are tiny so you can’t snuggle up with them!

So the answer is yes, budgies are cuddly (just depends on their personality)

The good news is,

You can make your budgie a cuddle bug


Let’s find out

Are Budgies Affectionate?

Budgies can be affectionate to their owners but the truth is they are far from the most affectionate parrots out there!

They are good on their own as long as they have a couple of toys, food/water, and even another budgie as they are sociable too.

If they have all this, they’re pretty much comfortable

Here’s the thing though

Every budgie parent would want their budgie to be affectionate

I don’t blame you!

I mean, they are so cute and lovable

Problem is, they don’t show it back to you

But this can be solved

You see, your budgie may just not be used to you or is probably scared of you

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Here’s how you can change this and make your budgie affectionate

A Big Bird Cage 

The bird cage plays an important part in your budgies well-being

It has to be big and spacious for your birdie to fly about and have plenty of freedom when they are in the cage

A big cage also allows you to add a variety of toys for your budgie to keep them entertained

This is good for their mental stimulation and will keep them happy which will make it easier for you to bond with your budgie and get them to be more affectionate

It makes things easier

Here’s an article I wrote on Best large cages for budgies 

Spend Quality Time With Your Budgie 

This is very important because budgies are very sociable animals and they love to interact with their humans

Set a time during the day where it’s just you and your budgie

Talk to your budgie in a soft tone as budgies can get frightened very quickly from loud noises

When you let your birdie out of the cage, let it spend time on your shoulder or your hand.

Give your budgie treats too – they love that!

Few Points To Keep In Mind

  • Each budgie is different – Some budgies may take much more longer to show affection than others. Your friend or family may have budgies that are very affectionate whereas yours is not but don’t be disheartened. It takes time and requires patience. It will be worth it in the end!
  • Always approach your budgie either from the front or side 
  • Budgies don’t like being petted on their wings, back or tails. They like to be petted on their heads or neck! Anywhere else and you might get a negative reaction!
  • Is your budgies feathers ruffled and look restless? This is a sign that your budgie may be feeling uncomfortable around and doesn’t trust you. Try to find out what it is that you may be doing that’s causing your bird to behave like this.

These are some tips on how you can make your budgie more affectionate and ultimate a cuddle bug!

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If you’re successful in doing this – here’s the sign to look out for if your budgie is showing affection

How Do Budgies Show Affection To Humans

There are different ways your budgie shows affection

Hopefully the tips and advice I’ve given you has worked for you

Now you just want to make sure your budgie is affectionate to you

Let’s find out what the signs are

They Make a Lot Of Noise

That’s right! Your budgie will make lots of noise if they are comfortable around you

Some budgie parents complain they birdies are never quiet! But it’s actually a good thing

After all, they are considered to be one of the most noisiest birds as they are very vocal!


If your budgie whistles a lot when you’re around then that means they are happy and content with being in your presence


Yes, budgies can talk and it’s something you can teach them

Once they have mastered it, they will talk a lot in your presence

It’s their way of showing how much they appreciate you

Make sure you’re careful what you say in your budgies presence!


Budgies love to sing – You’ll notice your birdie tweeting happily when you’re around

That is a sign of affection to you


Yep, they purr but it’s slightly different

They’ll make a grinding sound with their beaks

This is like a cat purring which means they are deeply content around you (source)

They will probably settle down to go to sleep soon

You can find out more on how to tell if your budgie likes you by checking out wikihow

Wrapping It Up

Budgies are cuddly but they all have different personalities

Not all will be cuddly straight away and may require work

This is where you got to have patience and work with your budgie in making it more affectionate

Your budgie might first be scared of you which is natural

Everything is new to them – a new environment, they don’t know you so they could get scared very easily

But once they get used to their surroundings and become more comfortable, you’ll notice your budgie being more comfortable around you

Patience and spending time with your budgie is very important

They do make a great companion

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Do Budgies Love Their Owners?

Budgies are very social little creatures and they love spending time with their owners

The more time you spend with your budgie the more your budgie will love you

They will sit on your shoulder and on your finger – They are too cute!

It’s all about how much you give to take back

But nonetheless, they love their owners for sure!


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