Why Does My Budgie Fly Away From Me?

In this article you’re going to learn why your budgie flies away from you

You’ll learn how you can get your budgie to trust you

If you should let your budgie out of their cage

And lastly, if your budgie does fly away – what you do about it

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So why is your budgie flying away from you?

There are a couple of reasons why your budgie is behaving like this

  • Your budgie may still be getting used to their new environment so it takes time for your budgie to trust you and stay with you.
  • Budgies love to fly around as they are very curious little birds so your budgie may not stick with you 24/7. Give your budgie time and when he/she decides to sit on your shoulder he/she will come in their own time.

Question is

How Can You Stop Your Budgie From Flying Away From You?

Don’t force your budgie to stay with you

It can take time so you do need patience

Learn to read your birdies body language – What your budgie likes and dislikes and then work with that

For example, your budgie may love to snack on so you could offer your budgie some millet as a reason to come to you

It’s all about showing your budgie that you’re harmless and you just want to spend time with your budgie and entertain them

That is a way of getting your bird to stay with you

Maybe there’s a toy your budgie loves, try to play with your budgie and create a game

Budgies love flying about as mentioned so let him out of the cage

But don’t let your birdie out knowing you have to leave in 5 minutes so you have to put him back in

This will just make your budgie think that every time you go near him, they’re going back into the cage

Move around your budgie near him without bothering him because that way he’ll get more comfortable with you

Hopefully by doing this, your budgie will not fly away from you but rather chill with you and on your shoulder!


Give your budgie time and have patience

It could be your budgie just loves flying about and enjoys it

Work with that and give your budgie a reason to come to you

Show your birdie that you’re entertaining, spend quality time and try to stay with your budgie as much as you can without bothering him – this way your budgie will be comfortable around you

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Tell If Your Budgie Is Scared Of You?

Your budgie may not be scared of you, they could just be scared in general

There could be many reasons for this such as

  • New environment – it can take time for your budgie to get used to their new surroundings. Have a read of my article – How long does it take a bird to adjust to a new home?
  • Coming from an abusive home
  • Predators in the house such as a dog or cat
  • Changes in the cages that your budgie may dislike
  • Your hand! (Don’t worry, you can get your budgie to sit on your finger in due time!)

These could be some of reasons why a budgie is scared which can make you think they’re scared of you

Because your budgie is scared, they may not come close to you or want to be around you

Not to worry though because it’s not going to be like that all the time

Yes, it may take some time but trust me, it will be worth it

Let’s look at how you can get your budgie to trust you

How Do You Get Your Budgie To Trust You?

Here’s a few ways you can gain your budgies trust

  1. Keep your budgie comfortable – Make sure the cage is large, they have all the necessary things needed, fresh food and water is available. Make your budgies as comfortable as possible
  2. Don’t try to tame your birdie straight away – Give your budgie some time to get used to their surroundings. Don’t force it
  3. Spend time with your budgie – Be in their presence and talk to your budgie, Show your birdie you’re not a threat. The more you spend time with your budgie the more they get used to you being around
  4. Open the door to the bird cage – Open the door to the cage and you can slowly put treats in your hand and offer it your bird and see how they react. Do this gradually
  5. Offer your hand – Show your budgie your hand is not a threat

These are some ways of getting your budgie to trust you

You can learn more over at wikihow

Remember it does take time so you gotta have patience

By the time you know it, your budgies will want to sit on your shoulder!

Have a read of my article – How to bond with your budgie

Should You Let Your Budgie Out Of Its Cage?


You should let your budgie fly about as much as they want

Let your budgie explore the house

They need to flap their wings about and have space to fly

It’s a great way for your budgie to get some exercise and stay healthy

This will keep them healthy – a healthy bird is a happy bird

Keeping them in the cage all day is not a good idea

When you do keep them in the cage make sure it’s a large cage and it has a variety of toys 

Before you let your budgie out make sure it is safe in your house

Here’s some pre-cautious methods you should take

  • Close all windows and doors
  • Turn off ceiling fans and stoves
  • Mirrors should be covered or turned over
  • Open pots of hot food and liquid and fires should be taken care of

Budgies are curious birds so it’s important to make it as safe as possible for your birdie

What Do I Do If My Budgie Flies Away?

If you’ve just seen your budgie fly away then call out and follow him – he may stop when hearing your voice

If your budgie don’t stop then follow wherever he’s going and try not to lose sight

If your budgie ends up in a tree, look for movements in the tree

Stop calling out for your budgie, rather wait and see if he calls out to you since he’s used to interacting with you

Have some millets at hand and a birdcage too and try to lure him back into the bird cage

Try not to make any sudden movements and see if he flies back to your hand

If your budgie flies away and it’s been a long time then it’s near impossible your budgie will come back unfortunately

The best thing you can do is put up posters around the neighborhood to see if anyone has seen it

Calling out for your budgie is also a good idea

They will be familiar with your voice

Don’t give up as people will definitely notice a exotic bird in the neighborhood

Get help from the community, local vets, zoos, animal control – everyone!

Keep putting out flyers with a picture of your bird

Then have hope and pray someone notices your budgie – that’s the best you can do

As you can see

It’s very important to put all safety measures in place when you let your budgie out of their cage

You don’t want them to fly away because it can be heartbreaking if you never see your budgie again!

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