Can Budgies Eat Parsley?

If you are into pets of different kinds, you ought to try adopting a budgie.

Budgies are super fun birds that love to spend time with their humans.

They are docile creatures and have a natural aptitude for training too.

Not to mention, you can spend hours laughing at their antics, listening to your budgies sing songs, or mimic your family members.

Yet, these birds have delicate constitutions.

Thus, becoming a budgie parent requires diligence and care. 

You have to realize that budgies in the wild eat seeds.

But, pet budgies need a pelleted diet for proper nutrition.

And, if you want your bird to have a long and happy life, then avian vets recommend more vegetables as well as herbs to be a part of your budgie’s diet.

Before we get into “Can budgies eat parsley?”

Let’s discuss some of the things that can be healthy for your budgie as a part of their everyday meal or snacks.

What Healthy Snacks Can My Budgies Eat?

Many bird parents fear too much for their pet’s well-being.

As a result, most bird keepers just stick to a pelleted diet.

But, there are many vegetables, fruits, weeds, and herbs that your budgie can eat.

The most rational reason for feeding your pet a vast array of foods is to provide it with the extra vitamins and minerals that these foods contain.

Moreover, some vegetables even consist of antioxidants that prove healthful for your bird. 

Vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, and kale are the common veggies fed to many indoor budgies.

And, many a budgie rave about their yummy treats too. 

Similarly, fruits such as bananas, apples, and pears all make a delicious treat for your birdie.

But, when it comes to weeds and herbs, you must proceed with caution.

You see, some herbs have elements of toxicity in them that can be harmful to your budgie.

Parsley has garnered quite a reputation for itself for being toxic.

And that your budgies will drop dead at the very sight of it.

So, let’s discuss whether parsley is fit for budgie consumption or not.

Should You Give Your Budgie Parsley?

Can Budgies Eat Parsley?

Parsley is not toxic for budgies.

There are many rumors attached to parsley.

But the truth is that parsley is a high source of iron, beta carotene, and vitamin B1, B2, and C.

It also contains amino acids that help builds protein.

Furthermore, parley is an excellent blood purifier. 

It can detox harmful contaminants from the body and promote healthier plumage.

It will also help your bird’s digestive system and act as a natural antibiotic keeping away infections.

What Should You Be Careful Of When You Feed Your Budgie Parsley?

Despite all the advantages, you have to remember that your budgie is a tiny bird with an even, tinier appetite.

Therefore, you must not make any herb, weed, fruit, or vegetable the central part of the bird’s diet.

Parsley can be a small part of your bird’s overall meal plan.

After all, you do want your bird to develop a more refined palate.

So it may enjoy eating wholesome snacks and not be considered a philistine. 

But, you ought to limit the quantity of the parsley you feed your pet.

Excessive parsley can mean that your bird will start to lose its calcium.

You see, parsley also contains elements that bind calcium.

If you have a female bird close to laying eggs, it may suffer from severe health concerns if you feed it too much parsley.

Female budgies need extra calcium to lay eggs.

And, feeding parsley can cause a deficiency of calcium in them.

Moreover, it is incumbent on you to be sure that whatever weed or herb you feed your budgie is free from pesticides or other contaminants.

Often, bird lovers overlook this detail.

It is the presence of these toxic elements that harm your budgie rather than the weed or herb itself.

If you want to feed your bird some fresh parsley, rinse the parsley several times before you offer your birdie some of it. 


Becoming a pet parent isn’t easy for anyone.

And, a budgie makes as lovable a pet as any.

So, it makes sense for you to be nervous about its diet.

Yet, it isn’t smart to cut everything from your budgie’s meal to be on the safe side.

The best thing to do is to discuss your budgie’s diet with an avian vet.

Your vet will most certainly give you the best advice.

Yet, budgies can be contrary creatures sometimes.

Hence, you may come across times when your budgie will show the inclination to bite off a piece of your pizza but refuse a small celery stick.

The way to go about dealing with the situation is to persevere.

Slowly and gradually, your budgie will learn to love its greens, even sprigs of parsley.