Why Does My Parrot Eat My Hair?

Does your parrot try to eat your hair when he’s on your shoulder? 

Most people love having their parrots on their shoulders since they get to feel like they are pirates straight out of a movie like Pirates of the Caribbean! (Okay lame joke I know lol) 

But, things don’t seem to go as smoothly as they would in a movie. 

As it turns out, parrots aren’t as gentle with hair as you might think!

So, what’s with your parrot trying to chew your hair? 

Well, some people believe that they do so in an attempt to preen or groom you.

This is a sign your parrot is showing you affection as they only preen those they are close to!

So don’t take it bad and it’s not worrying too

But, there’s more to know. 

In this blog we’ll also cover

  • Is it bad for your parrot to eat your hair
  • Why your birdie pulls your hair!
  • Why do birds enjoy playing with you hair
  • Finally, how to stop your parrot from eating your hair

So there’s plenty of hair to talk about! (I know, another lame joke!)

Sound good?

Let’s fly right in, shall we? 

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If your parrot keeps eating your hair it be annoying

But one thing you need to be concerned about is,

It it bad for your parrot to eat your hair?

Is it dangerous?

Let’s find out

Is It Bad For My Parrot To Eat My Hair?

No, it is not bad for your parrot to eat your hair.

On the contrary, it is considered a high form of affection.

As long as your bird isn’t doing real damage to your hair, you should not discourage the behavior. 

If you still feel that something is amiss, you should call your vet to check if your bird suffers from deficiencies.

Just make sure your bird don’t pull out chunks of hair! Which I doubt will happen!

Why Does My Bird Pull My Hair?

Your bird isn’t pulling your hair because it doesn’t like you.

Instead, your feathered friend is trying to preen you. 

What is preening? 

Preening is a process through which your parrot keeps its feathers in perfect condition by running them through its beaks to keep them clean and straight.

Preening helps keep your parrot’s feathers in flying condition and helps improve their flight. 

It is also a social activity among parrots.

Parrots will preen hard to reach areas for each other and “have each other’s backs” in that sense. 

Think of it as your best friend applying sunblock on your back while you’re at the beach. 

Isn’t that adorable? 

Why Do Birds Enjoy Playing With Our Hair?

Your bird thinks your hair is your feathers and is trying to make sure they’re clean and straightened for your next flight.

By playing with your hair, your bird is basically telling you that you’re family. 

Now, that’s heartwarming. 

I know it’s adorable but you want to make sure your parrot does not eat any hair

How To Stop Your Parrot Eating Your Hair

You should intervene only if your parrot is biting your hair and breaking/swallowing them.

You can train your bird not to eat your hair by using the no command.

Here’s how it goes: 

  • Place your parrot on your shoulder and praise or reward it if it doesn’t bite your hair or go near them. 
  • Use the command “no” the moment your parrot starts moving towards your hair in order to chew them. 
  • Take your parrot off your shoulder for a while and ignore it for a few minutes. 

Keep repeating these steps until your parrot gets the hang of things. 

Parrots are easily trainable, so your feathered friend won’t take long to understand what you mean. 

If you allow your parrot to sit on your shoulder then maybe it’s a good idea to not let them do this

I actually have written an article about this which you can check out by clicking the link below

Parrots on shoulder – Should you allow this?

Final Words 

Were we able to answer your question? 

Most experts believe that parrots mouth your hair in an attempt to preen you.

In simple words, your parrot is trying to groom you, and it is a way of showing affection.

Parrots only preen those who they are close to. 

So, take this as an ultimate compliment! 

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They have some really curious behaviors right?

It makes us love them more!

So tell me, does your parrot pull at your hair?

Let me know in the comments below!

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