Why Does My Parrot Only Talks When Alone?

Has your parrot only been talking to himself? 

Catching your parrot talking to itself can either be hilarious or scary–especially if you hear your bird talking in the middle of the night when no other human is home!

Parrots are extremely vocal creatures and communicate with each other through several different noises. 

“Why does my parrot only talks when alone?” is one of the questions that is searched on Google

The short answer to this question is that parrots talk to themselves when they don’t have any confidence and feel reserved.

If your parrot stops talking the moment you enter the room, your parrot may be self-conscious around you. 

Don’t worry your parrot don’t hate you – more about this later on

There’s a lot more to know than just this  

In this blog post, we will try to answer this question in as much detail as possible. 

Let’s fly right in.

When your parrot starts talking to themselves it can be worrying

I mean, you’d like your parrot to talk to you and be vocal as that’s what they’re known for

So why do they talk to themselves instead of communicating with you or at least when you’re in the room?

Let’s find out

Why Do Parrots Talk To Themselves?

Wild parrots make the sounds they do because they’re around other birds who make similar sounds.

However, things change when they are around us.

Since we communicate using languages, parrots are able to pick up on them and repeat them as is. 

Parrots talk to themselves to practice the sounds that they’ve picked up.

Some people believe that they keep repeating them to learn them.

However, the jury isn’t out on this question! 

So if your parrot is talking to themselves there’s no need to worry because it could be they’re just learning and practicing words!

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Do Parrots Actually Know What They Are Saying?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask. 

Most experts agree that parrots don’t know what they’re saying–they’re merely repeating what they heard from you (your friends, the TV, etc.).

They don’t really know what those sentences mean. 

However, some people argue that professionally-parrots, on the other hand, can understand what they are saying.

But, this is also controversial. 

Here’s an interesting fact

The best parrots for talking are

  • African greys
  • Timneh greys
  • Yellow naped Amazons

Final Words

Were we able to answer all of your questions in this blog post? Share it with fellow parrot lovers and spread the information! 

Most experts and parrot parents agree that parrots talk alone when they aren’t feeling too confident about their vocalization skills.

However, individual differences exist, and each parrot is different from the other. 

If this behavior sets off any alarms for you, contact your vet immediately for further help. 

If you still have any questions you’d like answered, leave us a comment, and we’ll be right back! 

Here’s some frequently asked questions

Can Parrots Talk On Their Own?

Parrots are one of the most vocal birds out there and can mimic and learn human language by themselves. While parrots are more than willing to pick up a few of your phrases on their own and repeat them to you, some don’t. 

In those cases, people are able to train their feathered friends to speak by mimicking their voice.

Do Parrots Like To Be Alone?

No, that is not true! 

Parrots are social animals and thrive when they’re around people or other birds.

These birds get unhappy when left alone for extended periods of time.

You should not leave your parrot alone at home for more than six to eight hours a day. 

Your parrot needs you to be physically present with him to feel as if it is a part of your flock. 

If you go work and not at home for most part of the day then you should add a variety of toys for your parrot to keep them entertained

A large bird cage and a variety of toys to keep them busy

When you do come back then you should spend some quality time with your birdie

That way a bond is created and instead of your parrot talking to themselves he’ll talk to you

As I mentioned earlier in the article, if your parrot stops talking when you come into the room then it’s time to bond with your birdie as much as you can

The more you spend time with your parrot the more your parrot will be used to you and will eventually start to talk to you too

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How Long Can You Leave A Parrot Alone?

If you’re home more than six to eight hours a day, you should strongly reconsider getting a parrot. 

Parrots are social creatures and do not do well in isolation or without social interaction. If you are out of the house for long hours, you should consider getting a pair of parrots at the very least. 

Parrots are flock animals and need company to live a long, happy life.

If you’re ever thinking about going on vacation and wondering if its okay to leave your parrot alone then have a read of this article on thesprucepets

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