Why Does My Parrot Walk Backwards?

Why does my parrot walk backwards?” is a question parrot parents ask 

No, your parrot isn’t the only one who indulges in this peculiar behaviour.

While we do not know for sure why parrots do this, we sure can make an educated guess.

Most parrot parents believe that parrots walk backwards when they’re playful or frustrated. 

Is there more to know? 

In this blog post, we will try to find why your feathered friend is walking backwards and whether or not it is time to call the vet. 

Let’s get started!

Here Are Some Possible Reasons Your Bird Walks Backwards

In this section of the article, we will go over some possible reasons why your parrot may be walking backwards. 

It’s Fun to Do! 

Most people believe that parrots walk backwards just because it’s fun to do and it does not necessarily mean anything if that’s the only new behaviour they’re displaying. 

Your parrots could have just found out he could do that and is having a great time!

It’s Play Time 

Some parrot parents report that their feathered friends walk backwards when they’re in a playful mood. You really need to try and decode the parrot’s body language in order to figure out what’s going on. 

If you have multiple parrots, they might just be playing among themselves and must be having a great time.

You may also observe this behaviour if your parrot is playing with its favourite toy. 

Your Bird Could Be Uncomfortable 

Some people believe that their parrots walk backwards when they’re uncomfortable or scared. That might be the case if your feather friend also expresses signs of discomfort while walking backwards. 

It’s Something They Just Picked Up!

Parrots like to explore the world around them and are inquisitive creatures.

Your feathered friend might have just learned how to walk backwards from you or from another bird/pet.  

Should You Be Worried If Your Parrot Is Walking Backwards? 

You really don’t need to be worried about your parrot walking backwards if that’s the only new behaviour you’ve noticed.

However, it is time to give the vet a call if you notice additional signs or symptoms such as: 

  • Walking in a drunken manner 
  • Falling off the perch 
  • Flapping the wings in order to gain balance 
  • Head shaking 
  • Signs of distress or anxiety

All in All: Why Does My Parrot Walk Backwards? 

Were we able to provide you with a definitive answer? 

Parrots walk backwards for various reasons.

Avian behaviourists haven’t yet come to a consensus about what parrots do that, but most feel that this is something that should alarm you if happening under normal circumstances. 

However, if your parrot has been exhibiting additional signs of injury or trauma, it’s time to call the vet. 

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