What Do Parrots Like to Do for Fun?

Have you ever wondered – What do parrots like to do for fun?

I mean they’re in their cage and fly about when they’re out of their cage

But what exactly do they like doing?

Well in this article you’re going to discover

What do parrots like

And how you can entertain a parrot

So if you want to make sure your parrot is never bored and they’re happy – you’re going to love this article!

Sound good?

Let’s get started

Just like any bird, a budgie a parrot 

They need some fun in their lives

Otherwise they would be bored!

You don’t want a bored parrot because it’s not good for their health

They do need some sort of entertainment

As parrots or birds generally are socially active, getting along with them and preventing them from boredom is crucial in their lives.

They are emotionally sensitive among other animals; that’s why it is essential to invest more time with them.

Therefore, parrots could quickly get bored when you don’t engage with them regularly.

However, you might be thinking about the steps you can do to keep them entertained 

I mean how do you do it!

Carry on reading..

How Do You Entertain a Parrot?

Rotate their toys frequently

Your parrots cage needs to be filled with toys

This will keep them busy when you’re not there

So make sure you have a cage that is large enough and has enough space

That way you can keep a variety of toys

Keep some toys hidden and then rotate them so your parrot don’t get bored playing with the same toys

Last thing you want is your parrot to get bored because if they do then they tend to pluck at their feathers (feather plucking)

They can also suffer from health problems if they don’t get enough mental stimulation

A variety of toys that is frequently rotated

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Hold your parrot.

Holding your parrot will make your relationship better.

Aside from that, your bird feels relaxed and the comfort you give him by holding him 

It provides positive vibes keeping him entertained all day long.

Spending time with your parrot will build a strong bond 

Parrots are social creatures so the more you spend time with them the better

If you don’t have a friend for your parrot – you are their main source of companionship

By holding your parrot it’s the closest you can be and helps strengthen that bond

Try to hold your parrot as much as you can and make sure you tell him how much you love him too!

Give him treats.

Pets love treats.

So, learn about his favorite food.

You can do this by giving him a lot of food options.

You will eventually know the one he wants to eat the most.

However, you need to change his diet from time to time to prevent your pet from getting bored.

Alongside giving treats, adding fruits and vegetables to your bird’s diet will make him healthier and happier.

Play with your parrot.

This is the time where you can teach the trick to your bird and give a tasty treat whenever he does a job well done.

Apart from that, various toys inside the cage are ideal.

Then, play with him as much as possible.

Bonding with your parrot will not only make both of you happy, but it will also improve your bird-owner relationship.

Similarly to holding your parrot, playing with your parrot will keep your birdie entertained

What Do Parrots Like?


  •         Green Beans
  •         Peas
  •         Cooked Squash
  •         Greens
  •         Berries
  •         Carrots
  •         Apples
  •         Bananas
  •         Grapes


Parrots love to be socially interactive. That’s why you need to invest your time to spend with him.

Do parrots like to be petted?

Parrots are very social animals and they would enjoy a little gentle scratch

Where should you pet your parrot?

Side of the neck and other birds enjoy under the wing

If you notice parrots and how they groom each other

You’ll see they groom areas where they can’t reach

Such as the back of the head and neck

Scratching these areas mimics this grooming

Remember though each bird is different

Some parrots will love you petting them and scratching the back of their heads

Whereas others may not be too keen on your doing this

I guess it depends on how much of a strong bond you have with your parrot

Wrapping It Up

Parrots love being entertained so it’s up to you keep your parrot entertained and happy

If you have another bird then it would be great as they get company

If you have only one parrot then you need to take some time out and spend some quality time with your birdie

I get it, you work during the day so it’s hard to keep your parrot entertained when you’re not there

But what you could do is add a variety of toys

That will keep your parrot busy when you’re not there

Make sure you have a large bird cage

The bigger the better


Your parrot can fly about and they have enough space to play

I would recommend checking out Genrics [US-W] 37″ Bird Parrot Cage 

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You don’t want your parrot to become bored because it’s not good for their mental health

Try to take some time out and let your parrot out of the cage so he can roam around freely

A happy parrot is a healthy parrot

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