Where Should I Put My Bird Cage?

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You’ll learn where is the best place to put a bird cage

How it will help your bird or birds

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Where Should I Put My Bird Cage?

Getting a pet bird can be an exciting new adventure for the family.

That adventure includes buying the right cage for your new pet, and filling it with fun accessories.

After going to your local pet shop to have a look at the options, you may come away with a new thought – Where should I put my birdcage?

Keep reading for some useful tips on choosing the ideal location for your new pet birdcage in your home.

Where Do You Spend Most Of Your Time?

The first thing to consider when choosing a location for your new birdcage is your own activity in the home.

If you live alone, or if you have a family, then it is a good idea to think about where you all spend most of your time.

Birds are often very social pets, and they love to have a good view of what is going on in the room.

This is especially true if you have chosen to keep just one or two birds.

You and your family will be providing your pet bird with company and entertainment when you are around, so it makes sense to put your cage in a space where everyone both you and your pets can enjoy each other’s company easily.

Having your bird close by too will let you bond with your bird

This will keep your bird happy

A happy bird is a healthy bird!

Where Do You Have The Most Space?

Sometimes the area in your home in which you spend most of your time might not be the most ideal space for a birdcage.

Perhaps there is no space for a cage in your living room or kitchen, for example.

If space is something that is making your decision a difficult one, then you can consider rearranging your furniture or belongings in order to accommodate for the birdcage.

Here are some ideas:

  • If you have secure shelving or a wide bookcase, perhaps you could consider removing some of the books or items stored on there to make space for a small birdcage?
  • Most birdcages can be fixed to a wall. If you don’t think you have a space in your room, it might be because you are only considering floor or surface space. Look up and see if there is a good spot to fix your birdcage to a wall instead.
  • If you live in country with a warm climate then an outside aviary could be a good choice for your balcony or garden. Just make sure that the design accommodates for wet and cold weather by providing enough shelter for your birds.

Other Things To Consider When Choosing A Spot For Your Birdcage

Aside from space and choosing a location where it is easy for you and the family to interact with your birds, here are some other useful tips when choosing a good spot for your birdcage…

  • Don’t place your birdcage near drafts or direct heat from radiators, as these may cause your birds to become ill or feel uncomfortable.
  • Make sure that your birdcage is not placed near any plants that your birds may be able to get to through the bars of the cage, as they may be toxic.
  • Ensure that any dogs, cats, or very young children don’t have easy access to the birdcage. If they do then you may have to remember not to leave them unsupervised in the room.
  • Choose somewhere with easy access for daily cleaning, and remember that feathers and droppings are likely to fall out and onto whatever is located underneath the birdcage.

Wrapping It Up

Putting your birdcage in your house is very important

We might not think of it too much but in reality it’s a very important factor to consider

Where you put the bird cage will have a impact on your birds life

If you leave your birds in a isolated room where you or your family members are not usually there then this can make your birds bored

And birds can get bored in cages 

If your bird is bored, it can lead to depression which can cause health issues

Leaving your bird cage in a room where the family usually gathers

This can keep your birds busy

They are very sociable pets

It gives you and family members to constantly bond with them

Bonding with your bird is important as this keeps them entertained and happy

Like I said earlier, a happy bird is a healthy bird!


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