How Many Toys Does My Budgie Need In Its Bird Cage?

In this article you’re going to learn about how many toys your budgie needs in their bird cage

It’s important to keep them busy and entertained

So if you want to become the best pet bird owner that provides endless entertainment for their budgies then you’re in the right place!

Let’s get started!

There are so many fun and colorful toys and accessories to buy for pet birds that it can be easy to feel like you are getting carried away!

If you find yourself thinking

How Many Toys Does My Budgie Need In Its Birdcage?

Keep reading for some helpful tips and advice.

What Kind Of Toys Should I Put In My Birdcage?

Pet Birds like Budgies will play for hours with pretty much anything new that you place in their cage.

Which is why you need to fill that birdcage with different toys!

And there are many toys out there that you can purchase

Most importantly, you have to make sure that the toys you purchase for your budgie are safe.

Toys that are specifically designed for your pet bird will help to give you peace of mind and also keep your bird happy entertained 

Here is a list of some of the toys your budgie will love:

  • A Mirror – This is a great toy to add to a birdcage, especially if you only have one or two budgies, as it will provide them with a sense of company and hours of entertainment. Budgies simply love to sit chattering to their own reflection, so a mirror is a really great investment. Make sure that there are no sharp edges and that it is safely secured to the cage bars. Some mirrors also come with an added bell. Budgies love bells!
  • Millet Spray – Seeded bells and millet spray always go down a treat with pet budgies. Just make sure you don’t give it them too often or they may gain weight and refuse to eat their normal birdseed. Millet sprays can also make a fair amount of mess as the seed kernels blow everywhere.
  • A Swing – Budgie love to swing and sing. Make sure that you offer them a well-made swing and place it somewhere in the cage where there is plenty of room for it to move freely, and your bird will be very happy.

How To Tell If A Birdcage Is Overcrowded With Bird Toys

Providing your pet budgie with plenty of toys in his birdcage is a great boredom buster for single birds. It is easy to overcrowd the cage though, and this means that your budgie will find it more difficult to navigate his cage and stretch his wings.

If you have loads of bird toys and you are worried about overcrowding your birdcage, there are two ways to solve your problem:

  1.     Buy a bigger cage – If you have a bigger cage then you can spread the toys out more evenly and your budgie will have plenty of space to hop from perch to perch and stretch his wings inside of the cage if he wants to.
  1.     Rotate the toys – If you can’t afford to buy a bigger cage, or you don’t have enough space, the next best way to make the most of all of your bird toys is to rotate them. You can do this by removing half of the toys from the cage for a week or so, and when you do a full cage clean next you can swap the current toys for the ones you removed. Your budgie will feel like he has got a whole cage full of brand new toys! You can also simply move the toys around inside of the cage so that they are positioned differently to add more interest for your budgie.

Overall I think the best thing to do is get a bigger cage

This will make things easier for you and your budgie

There are so many advantages of having a bigger cage and of course one of them is you can add more toys and spread them out too

If you’re wondering which bird cage is the best out there then I got you covered

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It is important to provide your budgie with plenty of toys to keep him entertained, but it is equally important that he has space in his cage to move freely.

And you can do this by providing your bird with a bigger cage

This makes things much easier

You don’t want your budgie to become bored

This can have a negative effect and can even lead to depression!

I’ve written an article about birds being bored in cages

You should definitely check it out as I have some awesome tips on how to keep them entertained

Do Birds get bored in cages?

Hopefully these tips will help you to gain a good balance.

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