Can A Bird Cage Be Too Big?

In this article you’re going to learn about if a bird cage can be too big

You’ll learn about the pros and cons of having a bird cage

So if you are interested in buying a large bird cage but not too sure then you’re going to love this article

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Can A Bird Cage Be Too Big?

Birdcages come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

If you are looking to buy your first birdcage, or upgrade your pet budgie to a new birdcage, you might be wondering – Can a birdcage be too big?

Keep reading to find out the answer to your question.

What Do You Consider To Be Too Big For A Bird Cage?

Too big for one person may not be too big for another person, so the first thing to ask yourself is what is “too big” for me, and why?

Here is a list of some of the things you may want to consider:

Do You Have a Big Pet Bird?

If you have a big bird then you definitely need a big bird cage

It won’t be too big for your bird but the bigger the better

It gives your bird space to move around inside and also fly too

You don’t want your bird to be all crammed inside right

So a big bird cage for a big bird

Do You Have More Than One Bird?

If you have more than one bird than a large cage is necessary

This gives your birds more room to move around

They can also play with each other in the cage

Having more than one bird means you will need more toys and if you have a small cage you won’t be able to add a variety of toys

A large bird cage for more than one bird will let you add a lot more toys which means more entertainment for your birds and that means a happy bird!

Do you want a cage that is big enough for your birds to fly inside of, so that you don’t have to let them out for exercise?

Some bird owners let their bird out of the cage more than then their inside

And this is a great way of bonding with your bird

But if you have a big bird cage this is good too


Because if you are out at work and your bird is in the cage, they have space to fly around

And again, you get to add a variety of toys to keep them busy and entertained

Do you have enough space in your home or office for a big birdcage?

It’s a pretty obvious thing

If you don’t have space then you won’t be able to get a big bird cage

But it’s important to have one so you should try and accommodate one

Maybe you could move things around

Do you have enough time to clean a big birdcage?

Do you like cleaning?

If you don’t then cleaning a big bird cage will be difficult for you

No time, then again cleaning the bird cage will be difficult

It’s important to keep your birds cage clean

If you could make time then that would be great

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Having A Big Birdcage? 

Unless your bird has specific problems, like mobility issues, and needs a smaller space in order to keep branches or apparatus close together so that it can get around more easily and safely, then any pet bird will appreciate as large a cage as you can afford.

However, here are some pros and cons to consider while making your decision.


  • The larger the cage the longer you can go without cleaning it whereas small cages can get dirty very quickly, and may need cleaning out more often.
  • Your pet bird will have plenty of space to exercise and stretch its wings, which is perfect if you are not able to let your bird have supervised flight time in a secured room.
  • Large cages can look very attractive when made into a feature of the room, and it can be a pleasure to watch your birds living and socializing  in a larger space.
  • If you have a large cage then you have the option of adding more birds at a later date.
  • You can fit more toys and apparatus to keep your bird entertained, without overcrowding the space.


  • Larger cages take more time to clean, especially if there are many components inside to take out and clean individually, including extra toys.
  • A larger cage may encourage you to have more bird, and this can get considerably louder than just keeping one or two birds.
  • Large cages take up a lot of space in the room and are more difficult to move around if needed.
  • If you go on holiday it is less convenient, or even impossible to transport a large cage to a friend’s home for them to look after your pet for you while you are away. This may mean having to purchase a smaller cage to do the job, which will leave your birds feeling even more unsettled.
  • Larger cages are considerably more expensive to buy, and even more expensive to fill with birds and accessories.

How Big Should a Bird Cage Be

A standard bird cage should be 12 inches by 18 by inches which is for a single bird

But remember, this is only okay if you let your bird outside of the cage for most of the time

Otherwise you need a bigger cage


There is no specific requirement for a bird cage size

What you should go by is

The bigger the cage the better

This will allow your bird to have space to fly about

You can add toys inside the cage

It keeps them happy and healthy

Yes, big bird cages may be slightly expensive but it’s worth the investment

And if you buy the right one, it will last you a long time

I would recommend checking out

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And your bird will love this

Look at the size of it

This bird cage can up to 4 budgies

So yes, it’s pretty big

Here’s the dimension

The cage is 42 inches high and the actual whole cage is 53 inches

31 inches long

20 1/2 inches wide

Pretty big right?

Your bird or birds will love it for sure

They will have so much space to move around

Fly about and you get to add a bunch of toys too

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Deciding on the right size birdcage depends on a number of different factors.

This means that you should be thinking not only about whether a birdcage can be too big for your bird, but also whether it might too big for you!

But the most important thing is, will your bird be happy in a small cage or in a big cage

And the answer to that is

Big cage

No cage is too big for your bird

Like I always say, the bigger the cage the better

Your bird will be more happy

A happy bird is a healthy bird

The last thing you want is for your bird to be bored

Because birds do get bored in cages 

It’s all about making sure your pet birds needs are being met

A happy bird is a healthy bird

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