Are Budgies Happy In Cages?

Some People think it is cruel to keep a Budgie locked up in a cage. If you want to buy a pet bird and find yourself wondering – Are budgies happy in cages? Keep reading to find out how a domesticated bird can live a happy and fulfilled life as a caged pet.

Why Keep A Pet Budgie In A Cage?

If you have a domesticated pet budgie, it is likely to have to been born into a caged life. This is all that your bird knows. It has no other kind of life to compare it to. As long as you are able to provide your pet budgie with everything it needs to be happy and healthy, then it is not cruel to keep them in a cage. It would be cruel to let a domesticated cage bird out into the wild.

In fact, a birdcage is essential for keeping small-domesticated birds safe inside of your home. Your pet budgie doesn’t know how to survive in the wild, and so if it escaped it would have a very low chance of staying alive. This is especially because of its brightly colored feathers. Budgies in the wild usually live in large flocks, and this helps them to stay safe from predators.

There may be other dangers within your home that your budgie would be exposed to if allowed to fly freely around the house. For example, other pets, especially cats, would find hunting your pet budgie to be an extremely rewarding activity, and this will cause your budgie a lot of stress. Doors and windows may be left open accidentally, or your budgie could fly somewhere else in the house and get hurt without you knowing.

Should I Get One Pet Budgie Or Two?

If you feel guilty for keeping a bird locked up in a cage you may feel less guilty if you provide your budgie with a friend. It is common to keep several budgies together in a large cage. They will feel very at home together, as they are naturally flock animals.

Spending plenty of time with their own species is healthy and stimulating for them because they get to enjoy and experience all of the social aspects of being part of a mini flock, like establishing hierarchy, having squabbles, and learning to get along. It also gives them the opportunity to groom each other, which is something that budgies like to spend a lot of their time doing.

Keeping more than one budgie is perfect if you and your family are not always at home, and don’t have the time to talk to and play with a single budgie.

How To Enrich The Life Of A Budgie Kept In A Cage

If you do decide to keep a single budgie in a cage you can enrich their life by adding a variety of toys to keep them entertained and occupied. Pet shops offer a huge variety of caged bird toys and edible treats for them to nibble on.

You can also rotate your budgie’s toys so that he doesn’t get bored. This saves you having to keep buying new toys. Simply remove a few at a time and reintroduce them later on. Your budgie will feel like he has a brand new set of toys!

If you are able to allow your budgie to have supervised time outside of his cage, this can be a great way to provide him with the opportunity to stretch his wings, get some exercise and explore.


Providing your pet budgie with a secure birdcage, as a home, will allow your feathered friend to feel safe and relaxed, free from stress and danger. Caged birds can be kept happy by being allowed to fly free every now and then in a secured room. And when in doubt, get your budgie a friend!

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