Keeping a Bird Without a Cage

Is it possible in keeping a bird without a cage?

Is it considered safe?

Do I really need a birdcage?

If you want to know all these answers then you’re in the right place

Because in this article you’re going to discover if you can keep a bird without a bird cage

Sound good?

Let’s get started

Keeping a Bird Without a Cage – Is It Possible?

There’s always that debate or subject that is very sensitive

Keeping a bird in a cage is not good

They need to be let out and be free

It’s horrible

You shouldn’t keep them in cages


Keeping a bird in a cage is not cruel as long as your bird is happy right?

Making sure your birds needs are being fulfilled

What do I mean by that?

Ensuring your pet bird is entertained

Keeping them busy

Spending time with them

Also, letting them out of the cage

Let them stand on your shoulder

Hold your bird and give your pet bird some quality time

This will keep your bird happy

You shouldn’t be keeping them in a cage for 24 hours

You should let them out

Another important point to mention is

The size of the bird cage is very important

The larger the cage the more freedom your bird has to fly about and climb, walk etc

Keeping a bird without a cage is not something you should do


Because it can be dangerous if your bird does fly out of the house

They’re not prepared to fight off any predators

Will they come back home?

Who knows?

I’m sure you wouldn’t want your bird to fly away and never come back right?

That is why a bird cage is important

Let me explain why you should have one

Carry on reading..

Why You Should Have a Bird Cage

A bird cage is like a safety and secure place for your bird

It’s a place where they know nothing can harm them

Yes, let them out and fly about in the house

But leave the door open for them to come back in

And watch how they’ll fly back in when they feel like it

It’s a safe spot for them to take a nap or go to sleep

They will want to come back into the cage provided that you make sure they’re happy in the cage

Birds can get bored

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It’s important you look after your bird in their cage

Why You Should Get a Large Bird Cage

The larger the bird cage the more freedom your bird has

Your bird can walk about more and fly about too

You can also add more variety of toys and perches and decorate it

The hard part is choosing the best large cage

It can be a bit pricey and you want to make sure you get the right one

There are so many bird cages on the market and it can become overwhelming to pick one

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed

The one I recommend is the best out there!

And I would recommend

Yaheetech 69-Inch Extra Large Bird Cage

Why do I recommend this?

It’s pretty simple

Look at how HUGE it is

Your bird has plenty of space

That’s what I love about this

Like I said earlier, it’s important to have a large bird cage

It has 3 tiers

It is 69 inches tall which is pretty tall

If you have several birds, no problem

It can house all of them

Need toys for your bird cage?

This bird cage already comes with toys

It is ultra strong so there’s no need to worry about it not being secure

The brand is very well known and trustworthy

It’s a great investment to make for your bird


The main thing is that your bird is happy and content

You don’t want your bird to become lonely and bored

If you want the best large bird cage then I would recommend this one

How much does it cost?

It’s actually not too bad

You can check the price on Amazon by clicking the link below

Check Price On Amazon

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Wrapping It Up

It’s better to keep a cage for your rather than keeping a bird without one

It’s a place for your bird to go somewhere safe and feel secure

As long as you can keep your bird entertained and keep them happy in their bird cage then it’s something your bird will love being in

You should let them out and not keep them in their cage all day

Let them fly about in the house and spend some time with them

Leave the bird cage door open so whenever they want to, they can fly back in

If you ever have guests come over with little children, then your bird can stay in their cage and feel safe knowing they can’t be harmed

Keeping a bird cage has many positives to it

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