Is It Right To Keep Birds In Cages?

In this article you’re going to learn about if it’s right to keep birds in cages

You’ll learn if birds are actually happy when they’re in cages

You’ll also learn if you can keep a bird without a cage

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

A very touchy subject

I don’t wish to go into a debate or anything controversial


A pet bird owner knows what’s best for their birds right?

I mean, I’m sure they want to keep their bird happy

So they wouldn’t do anything that will upset their bird

So is it right to keep birds in cages?


Keeping them in their for 24 hours can get them bored

And this is not something you should do


Because a bird that is bored and unhappy can lead to stress

When a bird becomes stressed then this is not good at all

This leads to problems such as

Biting, feather picking, screaming and so on

So letting them out to roam around in the house and letting them fly will be very beneficial for them

How long are they going to stay in a cage and do nothing?

Birds can get bored in cages 

So it’s important to keeping them entertained

As long as you are fulfilling their needs and making sure your bird is okay then you can keep them in cages

But you should let them out and spend some quality time with them

Are Birds Happy Being In Cages?


And no

Contradicts right?

Let me explain,

Your bird can be happy in a cage as long as they are not bored

Just how I mentioned earlier, you should keep them entertained and spend some time with them

If the cage is large then this is a good thing too because your bird has more space

You also could then put a variety of toys for your bird to play with

The larger the cage the better for your bird

So the size of the cage plays an important part in making sure your bird is happy

If you have a budgie and want to get the a large bird cage for them but don’t know which

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Now why did I say no too?

Because birds can hate cages

This will only happen is if you’re not keeping them entertained

You’re not spending much time with them

The cage is too small and they are no variety of toys

If this is the case then your bird will not be happy in a cage

So as long as you can keep your bird happy and spend time with them, fulfill their needs then yes they can stay in cages and be happy

Also, getting a large cage will keep them happy too

Can You Keep a Bird Without a Cage?

It’s better to have a cage for your bird

Keeping a bird without a cage can be dangerous


Because if you by mistake left the window open or the doors

There’s a chance your bird could fly away

And if your pet bird has not learnt any defensive skills to keep predators away then it can be fatal

A cage is like a safe and secure place for your bird

Let your bird fly around the house

Let him sit on your shoulder

Spend that precious quality time

But you’ll see how your bird will want to go back in it’s cage

Maybe to take a nap or go to sleep

It’s a place for them to feel safe

Some pet bird owners say they leave the cage open and the birds roam around in the house

But their bird voluntarily goes back in it’s cage

It brings me back to my point earlier

If you can keep your bird happy and entertained then they will want to go back into the cage

Keeping a bird without a bird cage is not a very good idea

I actually have written an article about birds needing a cage

You can check it out by clicking the link below

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Is It Good To Keep Birds At Home?

Having a bird can be a great companionship

They’re not expensive to look after and if you’re alone at home, or even have children it can be a great fit

Let’s look at some of the reasons why

Birds are very clever and are known to be great at solving problems

They are suited to stay at home. A bird will want a friend as much as a human would want one

You get birds that can talk to you

They can sing to you

Play with you as well when you let it out of it’s cage

It’s pretty awesome to walk around the house with a bird on your shoulder

They are very social to humans and other birds

They do recognize their owners and they’ll come sit on your shoulder just to be with you and give you company

If you are at work during the day then you can get another bird to give your bird some company

The more you spend time with your bird the better the bond will be between the two of you

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Is it right to keep birds in cages?

As long as you are keeping them happy and entertaining them, then it’s okay to keep them in cages

You don’t have to keep them in their cages 24 hours

Letting them fly around in the house and spending time with them will develop a special bond between you two

You should leave the cage door open and watch how your bird will want to go back in again

The main point is

Keep your bird happy in their cage

Make sure to invest in a large cage

Yes, it can be slightly expensive but it’ll be very beneficial for your bird

There’s more space to walk, climb and fly around

You can add a variety of toys too

A bird needs a cage because it’s their place of security and safety



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