Does a Bird Need a Cage?

In this article you’re going to learn about if your bird needs a cage

You’re going to learn if it’s okay to let your bird out of it’s cage

Ever wonder how a bird feels in a cage?

We’ll cover that too

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

When you think of a pet bird

You automatically think of a bird cage

But the question is – does a bird need a cage?

Can it live without one?

Is it okay to let them roam around in the house?


You can keep a bird without a cage at home

But it’s still important to have a bird cage


Because a cage is like a safe place for them

Birds can easily become spooked with one loud noise

And if your parrot or bird is not in the cage and gets spooked, they could fly out anywhere

If your bird does go outside then this can be dangerous because anything can happen

Your bird does not know how to defend themselves

That’s why it’s better they have cages

I’m not saying to keep them in their cage 24 hours

Take them out, spend some quality time with them

Let them enjoy flying around in the house

But let them know the cage door is open

It’s their safe spot right?

You’ll see how pet birds will want to come back into the cage once they’ve explored and had fun flying around the house

The main thing is,

To make sure your bird is looked after in the cage

All his needs are met

They are entertained

Then the cage will surely be like a home to them and not a prison

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You’ll find some great tips on how to keep your bird entertained

It’s also important to have a cage that has sufficient space for your bird

So a large cage will be very useful to your bird

Your bird will have sufficient space which is very important

You can also then fill up the cage with lots of toys and make it decorative

How Does a Bird Feel In a Cage

It’s hard to say because we are not birds

But the thing to remember is,

The cage should be a place of fun and safety

I don’t think it’s right to keep your bird locked up all day in the cage

Let them fly around

Spend some time with them

Hold them and let your bird sit on your shoulder

This will increase the bond and connection with you and your pet bird

The most important thing is that your birds needs are being met

That means buying a large cage

By having a large cage your bird has more space

You can also put a variety of toys and perches

So a bird should feel safe and secure when they’re in their cage

When they’re out of the cage, they’ll naturally want to come back in and maybe take a nap or just to chill!

Most important thing is that you fulfill all their needs

That way your bird will feel happy when they’re in their cage

Can You Let Your Bird Out Of The Cage?

As I talked about this earlier but yes you can

Why not?

It gives them some freedom to fly about

It gives you the opportunity to spend some time with your bird

You can get to hold your pet bird and build that close connection

It’s a great way of your bird exploring

If you have a parrot then it’s pretty awesome when they just stand on your shoulder

You should always leave the cage open once they’re out

If they get scared or just want to come back into the cage it’s open for them

It’s important that you make sure the windows and doors are closed

You don’t want your bird flying out

This can be dangerous because you have no idea what could happen

Benefits Of a Large Bird Cage

There are so many benefits of giving your bird a large cage

If you have a small cage then your bird is obviously going to feel trapped

A large cage gives your bird more space and freedom to move about and fly about

A Large cage give you the chance to put more variety of toys and perches

These all help with mental stimulation and improves your pet birds physical health

So mental and physical health improves due to a large bird cage

It also gives your bird a sense of safety and security because of the space they have

You should always try to purchase a larger bird cage

It will keep your bird happy and also you too

Your bird will also be even more healthier!

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What Bird Cage Should I Get?

Good question

As I mentioned just earlier it’s important to get a large bird cage

They’re are so many to choose from so it can get a bit overwhelming because you don’t know which one is the best!

And, it costs money so you’re investing a good amount of money which is why it’s crucial you get the right one

If you want the best large bird cage then I would recommend

Yaheetech 69-inch Wrought Iron Rolling Large Parrot Bird Cage

Now that is huge

Your bird will definitely love this

It’s heavy duty and safe

It’s metal cage is coated with non toxic hammertone paint which is great in rust resistance, good performance in wear and corrosion

What I love about this bird cage is it’s literally a bird playground

What do I mean by that?

This is what the bird cage has

  • Play top ladder
  • Wooden perch
  • 2 stainless steel feeders
  • Rope with a bell

This is excellent in keeping your bird entertained

It’s very spacious too so your bird can fly around

This cage can actually accommodate several birds!

So imagine just for one bird how much space they’ll be

Now I know what you’re thinking

This will take forever to build

Well, it comes with all the necessary tools and hardware with detailed instructions that you can follow to easily assemble this pretty awesome bird cage

Perfect for those who are not a DIY person (Like me, I ain’t a DIY person!)

Overall this is the best large bird cage that you should get

The price?

You can find out by clicking the link below

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So does a bird need a cage?

They certainly do

If your bird likes roaming around the house then still a cage would be a good idea


Because it provides them a place of safety and security

To make the cage a place of safety and security then you need to make sure it’s well maintained and that your bird is occupied

A large cage would be the best because it offers more space and freedom

You can add more toys to it too

Your bird can fly around

You can even get more birds

For example if you have a budgie

A large bird cage will allow you to add more budgies

It’ll give your budgie some company


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