Do Birds Get Bored In Cages?

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Do Birds Get Bored?

The answer to this is yes 

Birds do get bored and they can get bored in cages too 

You see, birds are very intelligent animals 

They are also sensitive and emotional as well 

And if they are not given attention then birds can get bored in cages 

Now you must be thinking 

Well, how can I keep them entertained? 

It seems like a impossible task 

You can’t play around with them like how you could with a pet dog or cat 

How Do I Know If My Bird Is Bored?

Your birds body language will tell you a lot about how your bird is feeling 

According to farmandpetplace when a bird starts to obsessively pick at their feathers it could mean they are bored and trying to find something to do 

If you notice your bird doing this then you need to figure out a way of keeping your birdie entertained 

Let’s look at different ways you can keep your bird from getting bored and how you can provide some sort of entertainment 

(If your bird continues to pick at their feathers it could be a sign of illness so make sure you take your bird to the vets asap!) 

How Do You Entertain a Bird? 

There are many different ways to keep your bird occupied 

Hold Your Bird Regularly 

Every day you should take out a few minutes and hold your bird 

Just by doing this you can provide positive mental stimulation to your little birdy 

It’s great for your bird and also great for you too 


Because it increases the bond between you two 

You can ask any bird parent 

The happiest parrots are the ones who have the chance to spend the most time with people 

Another positive point is 

The more you spend time holding your bird the more you’ll get used to your birds body 

That way you will know if there’s anything wrong that could lead to injury or falling ill 

So you should take some time out during the day and spend some quality time with your bird 

It’s a great way of building a lasting connection 

Teach Your Bird Some Cool Tricks 

This is another great way of spending some quality time with your bird and also will provide some great stimulation for your bird too 

By teaching your bird some tricks will give you a chance to socialize with your bird 

Again, it strengthens that bond between the two of you 

You can add new tricks as your bird progresses 

You can then show off how smart and cute your bird is to your family and friends 

Variety Of Food Options 

How many times can a bird eat the same sort of food 

I mean, if we were to eat the same food everyday we’d get bored too right? 

Birds/Parrots in the wild would dine on all sorts of mixtures 

Such as berries, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts 

Adding different type of food will give a good boost in vitamins and nutrients 

Different Toys 

My daughter gets bored playing with the same toy everyday and birds are the same too

You should add different toys to your birds cage 

It can be expensive buying new toys 

So instead of buying new toys you can just rotate them 

That’s what I do with my daughter 

I hide some of her toys and then introduce it again later on 

It’s like a new toy again for her 

Do the same for your bird 

It will also keep him mentally occupied 

Have a read of my article – How many toys does my budgie need in it’s bird cage?


What do I mean by space? 

Having a large bird cage definitely helps 

It gives more freedom to your bird to walk around, 



A large cage will allow you to put more toys in it too 

Large cages can be slightly expensive but it’ll do your bird good though 

You don’t want your bird to become depressed right? 

If you have a Parrot then it’s important to have a large cage 


Because it’s known that Parrots pull at their own feathers if there’s not enough space 

And when a Parrot starts to do this then it can make them lose their feathers 

That’s why I would recommend buying Yaheetech 69-inch Wrought Iron Rolling Large Parrot Bird Cage 

This bird cage is big and has enough space for a bird to roam around 

You have a lot of space to also put toys 

Great way of keeping your bird entertained

If you have budgies and don’t know which cage to get them

You should check out my article

Best bird cages for budgies

Do Birds Get Lonely?

It depends on the type of bird and how much time you’re going to give your bird and spend some good quality time with them 

All birds are different and their intelligent level is different too 

For example a Parrot 

They are intelligent and the more intelligent they are the more you have to spend time with them 


It’s just like with any pet you have 

You have to give them sort of time 

Just like a dog or a cat 

You can’t just leave them alone and never interact with them 

Birds need attention and it’s important you give it to them 

You should always set some time out during the day where it’s just you and your bird and spend some quality time 

So back to the question 

Do birds get lonely?

They do get lonely and when they become lonely they become bored 

That is why keeping them entertained is very important 

What Happens When Birds Get Bored And Lonely? 

When a bird get bored or lonely they can end up getting stressed and unhappy 

And this can cause serious problems such as eating less, lose weight or suffer deficiency in nutrition 

Here’s a few common signs that you should look out for 

  • Biting 
  • Screaming 
  • Decreased Vocalization 
  • Feather Picking 
  • Self Mutilation 
  • Stereo typical behavior 
  • Decreased appetite 

As you can see 

A stressed out bird can cause a lot issues 

Which is why it’s important to make sure your bird never gets bored 

It’s not a impossible task to keep your bird entertained 

It’s just about giving some time everyday and ensuring your pet bird gets that quality time 

They deserve our time right? 

They need our love and affection 

It helps keep them healthy and avoids all these horrible issues to your bird 

Wrapping It Up 

Do birds get bored in cages? 

They can get bored if they don’t get enough attention 

As long as you can give them some quality time and follow the list I mentioned in this article on how to keep them entertained, you can ensure they never get bored 

When birds get bored and lonely this can cause them stress and make them feel unhappy 

And if this happens then it can lead to serious complications to your birds health 

I know that’s not something you would want to happen 

It’s easy keeping a pet bird entertained 

I guess you just got to keep a routine and set out some time during the day where it’s just you and your bird 

This will not only keep your bird happy but also increases the bond between the two of you 

You will also get to know your bird better too 

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